How To Get Ivermectin & HCQ (New Post as of 9-5-21)

How To Get Ivermectin & HCQ (New Post as of 9-5-21)


Our government, the medical establishment, and their lackeys in the media have recently done a full court press to demonize Ivermectin, just as they previously did with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  You don’t need them telling you what is safe and effective when you can do your own research.

Here is a recent research paper on Ivermectin:

This is a key line from the abstract:

“There were no severe adverse drug events recorded in the study. A 5-day course of ivermectin was found to be safe and effective in treating adult patients with mild COVID-19.”

Many people have experienced delays in using the telemed program from America’s Front Line Doctors (AFLDS) at:

I wanted to provide additional resources for potential places to obtain Ivermectin and HCQ.  There are many, so I cannot vouch for any of them.  Here are some:




  • (Note: this list is a directory of doctors in other countries.  Again, I cannot vouch for any of them, but it also includes a doctor from CANADA for those who have asked.)


Please be advised: Many name brand pharmacies such as Walgreen’s likely won’t fill these prescriptions.  You will either need a local pharmacy willing to do so, or if the doctor you find who prescribes is able to refer to one he/she knows can fill the order quickly, then that’s also a good choice.

I hope many people have been seeking ways to obtain these meds because of the blackout by their own doctors.  Good luck.  I hope these resources are useful to you.


I just saw this concerning pharmacies at the FLCCC website.  They provide a list of pharmacies that will supposedly fill prescriptions for HCQ and Ivermectin:

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  1. Reply Pamela Piersol

    I came down with Covid Thursday four days ago and went to a quick care and they would not prescribe Hydro Cora Quinn or ivermectin so I went to Royal king and had horse paste that I am taking a few times. When this virus originally started I tried to order the stuff online out of the country and could not obtain even then because they did not keep it in stock. My husband who is a doctor now has Covid and is coughing a lot and short of breath. He don’t have a doctor to prescribe it. Is there anyway possible to get it because I’ve heard they are trying to take it off the market now because it makes people better. This is criminal and an infringement on our health.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I agree wholeheartedly about how wicked and criminal it is what they’re doing. The resources in this article are pretty extensive. Look them over carefully. Choose several, then look at any websites provided. Narrow your choices and call the first doctor on your list. Be sure to discuss the pharmacy arrangements, because you want to make sure you can get the meds ASAP. If your husband can prescribe for himself, he should do so. Be sure that both of you are taking appropriate does of zinc, D3, and C per the Zelenko Protocols:

      I wish you well. God bless.

      • Reply Mitchell Wu

        I went to pushhealth that I originally saw on MyFreeDoctor resource links.
        I paid $64.99 for an online consult at 7 pm on 9/17/21. I picked up a 20 pill box of Ivermectin from a local Walgreens Pharmacy down the street at 10:20 am on 9/18/21. I bought it under my Medcare for a $21 discount, but look up your selected pharmacy on GoodRX to see if you can get it at a steeper discount.



        • Reply Gary Ritter

          Thank you so much for the update, Mitchell! It’s very interesting that Walgreen’s filled your prescription. I called my local store and they said they wouldn’t do it since the meds weren’t “FDA approved” for this treatment. I had also called GoodRx and was told by them the same thing. Much as I would have loved a significant discount, I couldn’t wrangle it.

          • Jamie

            If they are telling people they wont fill because ivermectin and hydroxy are not FDA approved for Covid 19….then people need to be telling their pharmacists they’ll be contacted by a lawyer since there are literally hundreds of meds these pharmacists are prescribing to people that are not FDA approved for what the doctor is precribing them for. There is NO law saying that a doctor cant prescribe these drugs for covid because not being FDA approved for it. These pharmacists doing this are LYING!!

          • Gary Ritter

            I agree. However, it’s usually easier for people to simply go to an online source rather than go through the time and expense of hiring a lawyer to mess with the obstructionism of their local pharmacies.

        • Reply Xavier

          Please help me get HCQ. I am in Northern Virginia.

          Thank you!


    • Reply Gary Ritter

      The list in one of those references is pretty extensive. Here’s what shows up:


      Dr. Nyjon Eccles +44 (0)207 7224 4622

      Of course, I have no idea what you can expect, but hopefully something positive with him on the list.

  2. Reply Marianne

    Canada told the medical establishment that they were not to prescribe Ivermectin or HCQ. I tried and there is a warning from “Health” Canada so I cannot get it there either. Is there anywhere in Ontario Canada where I can get either one of them

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      The only possibility I know of is this doctor that’s in the link that I provided in this article: This is the only doctor in Canada that shows up in that list. Since the office is in Ontario, maybe this will work for you.

      Here is the doctor’s information:


      Dr. Umbrine Fatima (Ontario only) (716) 407-3250 [email protected]

      Prophylaxis, Active, Long COVID (appointments only … no walk ins)

      Whether Canada’s restriction have impacted this doctor’s ability to prescribe I couldn’t tell you. Obviously, if the doc can write a script, you’ll need to see how he (she?) handles the pharmacy aspect.

      I wish you well.

  3. Reply Amy

    I currently have obtained the Horse Ivermectin for spouse and I. I am not sure of your credentials and I need some guidance. My significant other had a major stroke in 2016 and now has weekly TIA’s. He is on day 2 of COVID. He takes Verapamil for his TIA’s. He had 4 large TIA’s yesterday night. Would Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine cause him an adverse reaction since he is already on a calcium channel blocker? I appreciate any help anyone can give!

    Kind regards,

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I don’t have medical credentials and can’t counsel you on these specifics. The one thing I would recommend is to research the resources provided on this page and consult with a willing physician from these lists. From that consultation he/she should be able to prescribe the human version of Ivermectin at the right dosage (it’s based on body weight as I understand it), plus other important treatment items. You would also want to make sure the doctor can send the script to a pharmacy willing to fulfill it. Given the complicating factors you mention, I think you’d be better served to do a telemed consult and get proper advice.

      You may also wish to check out this resource from Dr. Peter McCullough that I just learned of today: You can download this guide and print it off.

      At this website he has a number of other items which may help.

      I pray the Lord will guide you as to the correct course of action to take with your husband. God bless.

  4. Reply JOE

    Looking for a Doctor who will prescribe Ivermectin in Toronto Ontario Canada. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Copying this from my comment below to someone else in Canada:

      The only possibility I know of is this doctor that’s in the link that I provided in this article: This is the only doctor in Canada that shows up in that list. Since the office is in Ontario, maybe this will work for you.

      Here is the doctor’s information:


      Dr. Umbrine Fatima (Ontario only) (716) 407-3250 [email protected]

      Prophylaxis, Active, Long COVID (appointments only … no walk ins)

      Whether Canada’s restriction have impacted this doctor’s ability to prescribe I couldn’t tell you. Obviously, if the doc can write a script, you’ll need to see how he (she?) handles the pharmacy aspect.

      I wish you well.

  5. Reply Gwen Borders

    for liquid ivermectin (injectable) go to the local feed store. Get a couple of baby medicine syringes from WalMart and put your appropriate dosage – 1ml/100lbs in a cup of coffee 2x weekly for prevention. It seems impossible to find a proper dosage once you HAVE the COVID but I would think that 2x daily would not lead to an overdose?

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I know many people are trying the animal version; since I have no experience with it, I don’t want to personally put something out there in my ignorance. There are a lot of doctors pushing back against the system and willing to prescribe HCQ and IVM – witness the lists on this page – so with a little research folks should be able to get the pill version dosed correctly for them.

      • Reply Thomas Giardina

        The American medical doctors and research group FLCCC did 4 month clinical study on Ivermectin. Results (as like with Argentina national board of health) are that Ivermectin is 100% effective in preventing covid and highest effectiveness in treating those infected already. Minimal cost (5 cents a pill to make) Peer reviewed and presented to Senate committee by Dr Kory Dec 2020. Look under FLCCC ivermectin reports.

  6. Reply Ketta Langley

    I am looking for a drug store that will fill my prescription I got from my PCP doctor here in Springdale, AR. , or other towns close by! They are Fayetteville, AR. , Rogers, AR. , BellaVista , AR. or other surrounding towns kinda close by!! Another town is Fort Smith, AR.

  7. Reply Hans Hekking

    I just want to ready in case I take a covid test and it comes up positive. I’m going on vacation and want to have something with me. Who knows where I should were I would go if I need help. My sister went to the doctor and shamed her because she didn’t trust the shot. She did have covid and he said take silver spray it over you body and see me in a month.
    Than you!

  8. Reply Nicky

    I’m in Australia does anyone know anything about ivermectin in Australia. TGA will not approve it this is criminal and I my opinion is cold blooded murder now. Disgraceful

  9. Reply Deb Heinlein

    I would like to get a prescription of ivermectin prophylactically. Can someone pklease let me know how to do this.


    I have tried for 2 months to get the Fareed and Tyson Covid-19 Treatment Protocol ingredients to put in my medicine cabinet because I don’t trust the medical community or the pharmacies and this treatment isn’t useful unless treated immediately upon testing positive for Covid-19. I finally in desperation called Dr. Fareed and to my surprise he will accommodate me. He is at 760-351-4400

  11. Reply Anthony A Velasquez

    Mr. Ritter, I tested negative for Covid on Monday. I took the test because my wife tested positive for Covid. 2/3 days later, I have a little sore throat and some aching. If I now have Covid I would not hesitate to use Ivermectin & HCQ. I live in the San Gabriel Valley, specifically Azusa. I am hesitant to call my doctor, so are there doctors in my area I can contact who would have no problem prescribing Ivermectin & HCQ if I needed it

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I’m not a doctor but my approach to this is to err on the side of caution. I see no need to be tested; that’s just another element in the fear campaign. At the first sign of any symptoms it does no harm to take HCQ or Ivermectin from all the studies I’ve seen. If you have a doctor who will prescribe these drugs, that’s good. Sometimes the issue is pharmacies that will fill the prescription. This is a subsequent post to the one you saw:

      Through these sources, you can get a prescription if necessary and get it filled. The important thing is to begin treating proactively in the first 3-5 days of symptoms. If you have any problem getting the meds in that time and have access to a rural farm store like Tractor Supply, I can point you toward the “horse paste” Ivermectin you can use in the interim and how to dose correctly. Just let me know.

      Good luck and God bless!

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