Hebrews 13:6 – The Lord is My Helper

From the very first of this fiasco we call the COVID pandemic, the Lord put it on my heart to push back against the narrative.  When word initially came out that we were all to wear masks, something in my spirit didn’t agree with that directive.  I can’t in any way say that I knew it was a scam, but it didn’t feel right to me, and I resisted.  In our church, the pastor went along with the program in preferring people wear masks and that everything be wiped down and disinfected between services.  However, for prayer at the altar following service, the pastor did give leeway to the couple of us who wouldn’t mask up and allowed for people coming up to choose whether to stand before a masked or unmasked prayer partner.

When the discussion turned to the government ruse that COVID was spreading so rapidly it was necessary to shut down churches, again I argued against that.  Let the people decide if they wanted to “risk” coming to church.  In this issue, I was the lone (ignored) voice saying we should continue services, so we went online like everyone else.  After several weeks we did reopen, unlike many other churches in the area that remained closed.  Subsequently there was another period in which we briefly shuttered the doors to “reset” and get past the supposed worst of the infection among our people.

For my contrarian ways, I was somewhat of an outcast, but none of this ever really resonated with me that the government should be dictating to God’s people whether or not they should gather.

Then, of course, came the “vaccines.”  Because I’d been watching and investigating this process all along, and finding like-minded people on Youtube, i.e. doctors going against the grain, I did what little I could to spread the word that these approaches dictated by the medical establishment weren’t rooted in fact.  These alternative voices were in the minority compared to the mainstream governmental, media, and medical authorities.  Although I was, and continue to be, a tiny little minnow in my corner of the internet, Youtube started censoring me just like it did those who gained a platform that many people watched and heard.  As Dr. Lee Merritt has said regarding this, from her background having been a Navy surgeon for almost ten years, the military saying is that, “If you start receiving flack, that means you’re over the target.”  There are a number of such people who have been canceled because they zeroed in over the enemy target and were far too close for comfort by those who didn’t wish their lies to be discovered by the general populace.  We now know that the so-called vaccines are deadly poison, gene therapy masquerading as a solution.  Rather than providing immunity, they alter a person’s DNA and cause serious adverse effects, including death.  No one should take them.  NO ONE.

The aspect of all this that especially troubles me is the reaction of pastors and believers.  In my case, because I’ve been doing video Prophecy Updates for a while, as I learned the truth and spoke it, I know that the warnings I gave were clearly heard by pastors and many believers.  Early on I conveyed concerns about COVID being a manmade bioweapon.  As the pharmaceutical companies began releasing their vaccine solutions, I relayed the serious issues about them, e.g. that they caused cytokine storms (i.e. immune deficiency responses) and other troubling aspects.

Despite my speaking out about these things, people I knew – who had definitely heard what I’d warned about – took the shots anyway!  People that should have known better submitted to the narrative that the only way to beat COVID was to take the jabs.  I couldn’t believe it.

As people of God, shouldn’t we have discerned that what the world was saying might be a problem?  How could we submit to the fear that the media and all concerned were propagating?  What about our faith through all this?  Didn’t anyone realize that certain prophetic issues were being fulfilled right in front of us?

Apparently not.

In fact, as a Bible prophecy teacher for a number of years, I’ve seen the lack of interest in this portion of Scripture.  That has always astounded me because the prophetic Word makes up close to 1/3 of the Bible.  But few have wanted to hear or heed it.  In my connecting prophecy with this whole issue of COVID, vaccines, intentions of the global elites, the coming Tribulation, and the sooner Rapture of the true church, interest in these things has been a great big yawn.  Many in the church have taken the shots, some continue wearing masks, and there are even churches to this day that have never reopened their doors for fear of contracting COVID.

Yet, shouldn’t it be the church which stands against the dictates and ways of the world?  How is it that pastors and their congregations ignore the signs of the times and continue operating in ignorance and/or fear of contracting this illness, which has less lethality than the common flu each year?  Doesn’t Hebrews 13:5-6 urge us to:

… be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we can confidently say,

“The Lord is my helper;

    I will not fear;

what can man do to me?”

I know that many people have grave concerns over losing their jobs because of vaccine mandates.  I’m quite aware that many folks have taken the jabs to continue in school or to see loved ones whom the authorities kept isolated unless people took the shots.  But my questions are: For people of faith, where is the faith?  Why has so much fear infected the church?  Isn’t the Lord greater than any disease?  Shouldn’t He be obeyed rather than the State  in the circumstance that Caesar is issuing commands that contradict the ways of God?

Going even deeper, will there not be consequences for God’s people who ignore Jesus’ command to watch, be alert, and be ready for His imminent return?  The apathy in the church regarding this issue is appalling and, to me, greatly disturbing.

I’ve gotten to the point that our culture and even the church cannot be redeemed.  Those of us who love the Lord can only do what we’re called to within our own spheres.  We’re to continue occupying until Jesus comes.  That means to bring the truth of the Gospel to all who will listen, perhaps pulling some from the fire.  In other words, we are to do exactly what the writer says in Hebrews 13:16:

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Most of us have little influence in the greater culture.  God knows this.  So we do what we can with those who will listen, all the while waiting with eager expectation for that long-awaited shout from the clouds.

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  1. Reply Amy Swift

    In the beginning I swalloed their lies then started seeing through it especially when a pastor in my church spoke saying he couldn’t wait for the vaccines. I left, looked and finally found a church that agreed with you Gary.

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    Gary. I totally agree. I am an outcast in my own family. They think I am nuts. I dont care. I just keep on, keeping on. My sphere of influence is small but God. He puts me into the places and situations I need to be in to tell the gospel message.
    God is good
    All the time
    All the time
    God is good
    Your brother in Christ…Jim

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