Flu Shot This Fall – Don’t Get It!

This warning comes today from the Telegram account of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who has been front and center providing extensive, true medical information about COVID and the so-called vaccine, which is really an experimental biological agent:


Why do you think she makes this warning?  My suspicion is that she believes the flu shot will contain much of what is in the COVID injections.  As a result, it will likely cause the very same adverse medical reactions that the COVID jab does.  You just watch.  The globalist elites – the evil cabal that wishes to create a New World Order – will not stop doing all it can to reduce the world population per their “Commandments” on the Georgia Guidestones.  They see their opportunity and will push forward in any way they can!



Here’s one possible complication:

Military Study finds Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Risk by 36%

4 Responses to “Flu Shot This Fall – Don’t Get It!”

  1. Reply Carol

    I thought of this possibility as soon as these so called vaccines came out. Not getting it this year. Very sad but who can we trust but God???

  2. Reply Sue J

    I’ve taken the flu shot every year. But think I’ll skip it this year, and probably going forward.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Probably not a bad idea! Who knows either what’s in it or how it could trigger delayed reactions of those who have also taken the COVID shot. Things could get very ugly this fall.

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