Ezekiel 22:4 – The Appointed Time of Your Years

I couldn’t begin to say what others see when they read God’s Word, but for me, the parallels of judgment between that of ancient Israel and America today are stark.  As I’ve often said, I in no way compare myself with God’s prophets of old.  However, they observed the distressing attitude and actions around them, and God gave them eyes to see and ears to hear how abominable the ways of the people were.  The Lord put a fire in their bellies and they had to speak out against all they discerned.  For my part, I can’t help but notice the depraved culture around me and the wayward condition of the church and know that God will not let these things stand.

Here is what God declared in Ezekiel 22:4-5 in His judgment upon Jerusalem:

“You have become guilty by the blood that you have shed, and defiled by the idols that you have made, and you have brought your days near, the appointed time of your years has come. Therefore I have made you a reproach to the nations, and a mockery to all the countries. Those who are near and those who are far from you will mock you; your name is defiled; you are full of tumult.”

The people had:

  • Shed innocent blood
  • Defiled themselves by their worthless idols
  • Brought their end near by their many despicable deeds
  • Caused God to reach the point that He must act against them
  • Made other nations reproach and disdain them
  • Become a mockery and laughing stock in the world
  • Filled their nation with chaos and unrest

In the extended passage of Ezekiel 22:23-31, God makes these pronouncements:

v25,28 – The prophets in the land are destroying it through their conspiracies; they see false visions and spread untruths

v26 – The priests are disdaining God’s law and profaning Him

v27 – The princes, i.e. the officials, in the city are extorting the people and destroying lives for illegal gain

v29 – The people are following in the footsteps of their leaders by acting unjustly and oppressing the less fortunate; they have used aliens in the land to increase their profits

v30 – The Lord has looked in vain for individuals who will stand for Him and against the injustices

v31 – The result of these actions has brought the wrath of God upon the nation

It gets worse in the next chapter, Ezekiel 23, as God draws an analogy through a parable.  The Northern Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) was like an older sister that whored with many men.  She defiled herself with Assyria and brought destruction through her despicable ways.  The younger sister, the Southern Kingdom of Judah, saw the example before her.  Rather than turn away from desiring what wasn’t hers, she lusted even more after pagan nations.  In whoring with the Babylonians of Chaldea, she brought about her ruin as God turned away in disgust.  The Lord committed both Samaria and Judah into the hands of those who would ravage them according to whatever means these enemy nations had at their disposal.

The question is: How is America any different?

Let’s examine Ezekiel 22:23-31 in light of our nation.

The people have:

  • Shed innocent blood by killing over 60 million children by abortion
  • Defiled themselves by their worthless idols of wealth and leisure, whether expensive toys, sex, money, power, or anything else that has turned them from following God
  • Brought their end near by their many despicable deeds, including the removal of God from the public sphere and the embrace by the churches of gospels that preach salvation by the hands of man
  • Caused God to reach the point that He must act against them.  How long-suffering is His patience?  Does it not reach an end?
  • Made other nations reproach and disdain them by discarding moral principles, abandoning our allies, embracing our enemies, and acting against our own self-interests
  • Become a mockery and laughing stock in the world by placing a man with dementia into the highest office of the land and doing all in our power to become impoverished like the rest of the world
  • Filled their nation with chaos and unrest; they allow anarchists to  burn and destroy while arresting patriots and holding them without due process, thus bringing extreme lawlessness into the land

In the same fashion, regarding God’s declarations from Ezekiel 22:23-31, are we not in the situation where:

  • False prophets have forsaken the Word of God with its prophetic outline and decreed we are on the verge of a Great Awakening?
  • Pastors have decided that the State knows best as to the conduct of our churches, that the medical authorities are all-knowing and have the best interests of everyone at heart, that those in and out of the church should take an experimental gene therapy drug out of fear of contagion so as to keep away an illness that is far less lethal than the yearly flu, and that the media narrative of so many deaths and adverse effects to the vaccines is normal and thus should be the only voice anyone listens to?
  • Government has become completely corrupt, as the Deep State has taken it over and decided its globalist, socialist intentions are best for this nation?
  • The people cower and kowtow to the authorities, and those who don’t are deemed terrorists and enemies of the State?
  • There appear to be no prominent prophetic voices holding back the tide and standing in the gap, that we as a people have allowed a very few to rule over the many, and that the church has lost all moral authority in which to speak?
  • God has reached the point of no return in our lost nation and has given us over to judgment?

One final comparison is that of America with how the nation of Israel fell.  Like the whoring sisters, we have allowed our eyes to be bedazzled by the trinkets of pagan religions and ideologies.  We abandoned God in our hearts and fell for the alluring lies of Islam and the enchantments of Eastern, occult beliefs.  If that wasn’t enough, we decided that our historical past was tainted and beyond repair, that capitalism had led to an unsustainable society.  We determined that those who had infiltrated our every institution with communist propaganda were right all along.  Our young had to be re-educated into a new paradigm of belief, and we allowed that to happen.  Life as we knew it as having been granted by a loving God was all a useless fabrication and certainly not enough for a forward-thinking people.  To evolve we must change; we must transform into a type of new humanity.  Only when we’ve progressed to where we’ve completely replaced God will we have total freedom.

All this has brought us nothing but confusion, weakness as a nation, and God’s wrath upon us.  Will we escape any less than ancient Israel did?

Our only hope is Jesus Christ.  If any of us is bewitched by the deceptions of the world that have led us to this condition, we must repent.  Fear has no place in our lives.  Dependency on anyone or anything but God alone makes us of two minds and useless to the Lord.  To aspire to more than what God formed us to be and thus progress beyond His image is blasphemous and destructive.  Our appointed time as a nation has come.

Lord, have mercy on us as we wait in faith for Your soon return!

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