Exposing The Globalist Agenda In Africa

Exposing The Globalist Agenda In Africa / Curtis Bowers & Dr. Peter Hammond

AgenaWeekly.com exposes the agenda behind the news.  Curtis Bowers has studied Communism for years from a Christian perspective and has provided significant documentation that shows how America has been under Communist attack for 100 years.  This week’s interview features a long-time missionary in Africa who has seen and chronicled for years the globalist attempts to infiltrate and destroy African nations just as western nations have been ruined by this bankrupt, anti-God ideology.  You will find this video extremely informative and learn much that has never made it to mainstream news sources.


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I highly recommend the two award-winning documentaries that Curtis Bowers has produced:

Agenda – Grinding America Down

Agenda 2 – Masters of Deceit

These are available at: https://www.agendadocumentary.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

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