COVID “Vaccines” Death Knell for Children in Womb

How long will it be until people wake up to the planned genocide by the global elites?

Dr. James Thorpe, a Florida-based OB/GYN has studied the VAERS data and created the graphs below.  VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, reliably shown to underreport death and injury from vaccines by anywhere from 1% – 10%.  You want the real numbers?  Multiply any number from VAERS by 10 or 100, and you’ll approximate the truth somewhere in that range.

Of course, Thorpe has been censored for his work.  Here’s the bottom line: These jabs are POISON.  They main and kill people.  Children – the unborn included – are at great risk from these deadly shots.  Pregnant or nursing mothers SHOULD NOT even contemplate taking the “vaccines” unless you want a dead or critically injured child.

If you know any women thinking about taking these untested, gene-altering drugs, please WARN THEM.

From the article:

Thorp requested that anyone who had the jab pushed on her in her pregnancy and believes she has suffered adverse effects in herself, her pregnancy, or her newborn to please contact him at [email protected].




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