COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide

Immediate Steps to Reduce Your Risk of COVID-19 and “Long Haul” Covid Disease

Most Americans have no idea what to do to prepare for COVID-19 or how to protect themselves. This step-by-step COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide is meant to help you prepare and protect yourself

Three Facts:

1. COVID-19 is a clotting disease. COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is an inflammatory and clotting disease. It is not a lung disease. “If you don’t stop the clotting, the patient’s dead,” says Dr. Darrell DeMello, MD, who has successfully treated more than 6,000 patients in India, with only 35 hospitalizations and 14 deaths (all of them with diabetes).

2. The first seven days are critically important. “It’s just a viral disease for a week; then it’s an inflammatory disease,” said Dr. Charles Urso, MD. “Covid is a 14-day disease,” says DeMello. “Week 1 leads up to the tsunami [cytokine storm]. The tsunami sets off the damage. The damage is clotting. Clotting really occurs between day 8 to day 10, and up to day 11, if you haven’t had clotting you’re pretty much on the road to recovery.” Therefore, don’t delay seeking treatment.

3. You have effective options to protect yourself: To reduce infection and death: 1) begin prophylaxis to prevent infection (e.g., ivermectin), or 2) To stop viral replication, seek early and aggressive treatment as soon as symptoms begin. If successful, this will prevent your body’s immune system from going into overdrive (inflammatory cytokine storm) and prevent clotting (microthrombosis).

Download this comprehensive guide:–V3_1%20COVID-19%20Quick%20Ref%20Guide%20-%20FINAL-.pdf

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