Biblical Audio Commentary – Vaccine-Induced Zombies

Biblical Audio Commentary – Vaccine-Induced Zombies




A phenomenon has arisen among those who have taken the COVID concoction they call a vaccine which is creating disturbing symptoms.  The medical reason for this is solid, yet at this point what is being perceived is more subjective than clinical.  Those who are observing this are generally at a loss as to why the purveyors of these deadly injections would cause this to occur, yet I believe that looking at this issue through a Biblical, prophetic lens gives us a perfect picture.

Many people have commented about this subject and perhaps seen it in action themselves, but in a recent video discussion hosted by Attorney Reiner Fuellmich and joined by Drs. Naomi Wolf and Peter Breggin, they tackled head-on the trend of personality changes after someone has taken the mRNA injection.  Included in the video is a short presentation by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, who explains the medical reasons for these changes, in particular, how the blood-brain barrier is breached facilitating them.

Fuellmich has been working a legal case against the perpetrators of this scourge of destruction and death.  Wolf, a secular feminist, has been an activist and outspoken voice concerning these dangers.  Breggin, as a psychiatrist, has a long history of dealing with the effects of brain damage caused by lobotomies, electric shock, and other methods of mind manipulation.

What they discussed is how the personality of many people has changed after taking the jab.  There’s a stunning contrast in this regard.  In a great many such people there appears to be a lack of critical thinking ability.  They’ve become excessively dogmatic and cannot process rational logic when presented with it.  They can only react in a non-thinking manner and strike out at the other person or situation, or simply shrug it off

A certain compliance has taken over some folks.  They’ve become excessively docile.  On the other hand, a fair number erupt in anger when something is counter to their way of seeing things.  Ultimately, Breggin describes this as brain damage that has resulted in a loss of love and good will toward others.  This is intriguing given what Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 about these end times:

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

I have a friend who owns a popular workout facility.  Here is a direct quote from him:

I always need prayers as this gym has become overwhelming to deal with most weeks.  People are getting worse by the day and I’m sure you have experienced some of that.

So, what’s going on?  Why this duality in vaxxed people?

Dr. Breggin likens it to those who were experimented on with frontal lobotomies.  He’s had much experience with this in his career, along with diabetic-induced reaction from extremely low blood sugar, and those on antidepressant drugs such as Prozac.  Generally, there is a passivity that develops, which if you think about it, is perfect for those who wish to control such people.  If you envision the infamous pair of Cheech and Chong saying: “Whatever, man.  Just do it” – you get the picture.

But on the other hand, many are erupting as though demonically possessed.  That’s not good.  In actuality, for those who aren’t true Christians, this may indeed be the issue.  We know that Revelation speaks of sorceries – pharmakeia – that will prevent the masses from repenting in those final days.

A disturbing phenomenon is showing up on videos from around the world.  Someone is engaging in a normal life activity and all of a sudden starts looking around in the air surrounding him.  He starts swinging his arms as though trying to bat it away, and then falls to the ground.  At that point, it’s as though he’s experiencing a seizure with his arms and legs stiffening at odd angles.  Then he either becomes unconscious or dies.  I personally believe these numerous people are being demonically attacked, and this is a result of their having taken the jab.

Dave Hunt in his book The Seduction of Christianity, among other like works, spoke of psychiatry as the new shamanism, with the drugs given by these practitioners akin to those which open the psyche to the spirit world.  (Fortunately, every now and then a maverick psychiatrist like Breggin comes along to buck the system.)

What both the vaccines and these other practices have in common is the change of personality, literally causing some to walk through life with no emotions and little mental processing.  Their human faculties have been corrupted, making them like automatons.  Could this be why the CDC several years ago came out with its graphic novel for a Zombie Pandemic?  Interestingly, the CDC has retired this preparedness guide from its website.  I guess now that the realization of this warning is upon us, they don’t want us to know how to deal with the zombies they created.

Where does all this lead?

We’ve certainly seen that the various lockdowns and mandates during COVID created a class of people who were willing to do anything the government authorities dictated.  Now that they’ve also injected a large percentage of the world with these mRNA drugs with God-only-knows-what ingredients in each dose, the global elites are closing in on their long-sought objective: namely to significantly reduce the population of the earth and to make the rest of the people completely compliant to whatever they’re told.

I guarantee you that as we move forward, more and more people will respond like this.  Why?  Because the World Health Organization has determined that all vaccines for every ailment be of the mRNA variety.  We’re talking over 500 such vaccines.  It won’t matter if you’re opposed to the COVID shot, you’ll get all of its drawbacks if you submit to ANY vaccine.  Now that the COVID jab has been added to the Childhood Immunization Schedule, all children whose parents surrender their autonomy by having them attend government schools will be required to take these various gene-altering drugs to attend classes.  Again, the children will be mRNA-jabbed regardless of whether or not the parents oppose the COVID shot.

The fix is in.  During the Tribulation great deception will be the order of the day.  Could these zombie-inducing drugs be an integral part of this?  The Antichrist will require the world to bow down and worship him.  Might it be that the non-believing world will readily accede to his demands because their brain functioning has already been altered?  If people can’t perform critical thinking, then they will docilely do whatever Antichrist determines is for their own “good.”

This is evil on steroids.  The world as we know it will never be the same.  “Normal” will be what the globalists define it to be, such as “You will own nothing and be happy.”  Similarly, “You will think nothing and be content.”

This day is rapidly approaching.  Thankfully, the Lord has given us an escape route in the soon-coming pre-Tribulation Rapture – even for those who have foolishly taken the jab.  It’s still not too late, but tomorrow could be.

Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, confess Him as God Almighty, and be saved!

8 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Vaccine-Induced Zombies”

  1. Reply Robin McCann

    My in-laws are in their 80’s, and they were forced to take the jabs so they could stay in the senior community where they live. Since one of the many agendas is to dispose of the elderly, I’m pretty sure they were not given saline injections. However, God is protecting them from the results of the killer jabs. Praise goes to Him.

  2. Reply Robin Leigh

    I have family members who have undergone marked changes in their personalities since being jabbed. It is painful to witness, knowing the cause.

    We also realize that shedding from the vax is ongoing. It is impossible for the unvaxxed to entirely avoid shedding, so we are likely being affected/changed as well…at least to some degree. Although it is difficult to know the difference between nefarious (shots) influences and our own natural anger, depression and confusion because of all that is happening, one thing IS certain: normal left the building in January of 2020 and it isn’t ever returning!

    The only rational option left available to us is offered through Jesus Christ, and it is far better than what we consider ‘normal.’. Searching for any other remedy is a waste of time; it certainly causes brain damage and more importantly, destroys the soul.

    This has always been true, but many prior generations have had the dubious luxury of ignoring the truth of Jesus’ redemption. Untold millions have lived in a life of denial…never being confronted with pure evil, as we clearly are today. They slipped off to eternal destruction, coddled by the soft lies that Satan, the Deceiver, convinced them were true.

    From our current vantage point, we are forced to accept that everything the Bible has told us is real. He told us the end from the beginning so we would know He is God. Our Triune God has empirically proven His grace for the lost during these Last Days, exemplifying His incredible patience. Lamentably, the amazing days of grace are almost done and this time of ‘easy salvation” will also never return, meaning that accepting salvation after the Rapture will likely carry with it a violent death sentence. (The Bible says martyrdom will be through beheading.) It sounds crazy…and if you haven’t seen them, Chanel has produced thousands of designer, highly efficient guillotines. If you haven’t seen this video, it’s a real eye-opener.

    Ultimately, Believers, whether we are in the Pre-Trib Church or become Tribulations Saints, are all saved and safe. No matter what Satan throws at us, he can not kill our souls.

    Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I can’t think of the fellow’s name who does the video. He was a finalist on a major TV talent show and did an extensive expose on freemasonry several years ago. Good to see he’s still digging in.

  3. Reply Kim

    It’s disturbing to see the changes in people since the plandemic was rolled out. We are seeing prophecy come to life right before our eyes in so many ways. It’s like living in a sci-fi movie.

    Pastor JD Farag has done extensive research into the jab and in his forum there are health care workers who describe what they are seeing/experiencing with jabbed patients in their hospitals and medical care facilities. Others describe what’s been going on with jabbed family members or friends. I’m so thankful my family and I rejected the poison. We knew something was terribly wrong from the beginning. Friends and coworkers we know who were jabbed NEVER bring it up and COVID itself is never talked about anymore. My husband mentioned at work that when people are sick it’s back to having the cold or flu (which completely disappeared for 2 years) never COVID.

    I have seen the videos you mention Gary, about the people turning to see something that we cannot, spinning around, then falling over with they’re hands and legs curled in. I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg regarding the damage , short and long term, this is causing. I just read that there are blood banks being created to store only “pure blood” as there are now people refusing blood donations from those who’ve been jabbed.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I agree – it’ll only get worse. It’s a very pessimistic outlook unless one believes in a pre-Trib Rapture. Thank God for that!

  4. Reply Rick H

    I have a confession to make…when the vaccine came out I took the shots and took the 1st booster about a year and a half ago oddly over the next year I had exhibited some odd behavior…couldn’t think straight…made some bad financial decisions…I was still heavy posting about people getting saved and sharing articles and then my whole world changed and sadly last November I comptemplated suicide…but despite the attempt God must have stepped in and said “Too late Satan…too late. Jesus Christ saved my soul 2 years ago and then saved my life last fall…now I’m more determined than ever to tick Satan off by doing my Father’s business since God must have squashed the effects of the vaccine in my case…I regret taking it to this day and vowed never to take another vaccine…I’m in a Happy place though and waiting for the Lord to call us up…Amen!!!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      It’s difficult for many people to come to this place that you have, namely that you succumbed to the narrative and put your faith in the vaxx. Praise God that you realize this and have repented – now having faith in Christ alone!

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