Biblical Audio Commentary – The Post-Trib Post-Apocalyptic Mindset

Biblical Audio Commentary – The Post-Trib Post-Apocalyptic Mindset



The other night I was speculating to my wife about the possible mindset of post-Tribulation Rapture believers.  I know: I think about strange things.  [Note: I do not disregard the fact that they are true believers in Christ.]  Anyway, given that the vast majority of these brothers and sisters in Christ believe we’re going to be here on the earth for quite a while, it’s apparent that:

  1. Few seem to believe that Jesus really is coming back soon
  2. Most believe the world IS going to get worse, yet they’ll be here to deal with it – thus they must prepare for that time
  3. They don’t seem to actually believe this coming time will be the Biblical Tribulation; or, if they think the Tribulation is almost upon us, it won’t be anything like it’s portrayed in Revelation
  4. They don’t appear to have a view of coming judgment, i.e. few if any compare the sins of ancient Israel with the world’s anti-God attitudes of today; thus they don’t see that the Lord’s judgment is looming for the fact that we’ve worshiped other gods and rejected the One true God just as Israel did
  5. [Here’s my speculation] – Some of them – certainly not all – picture themselves in some respect like books or movies portray post-Apocalyptic survivors, i.e. they fantasize themselves as inhabiting a Mad Max type of world where they’re fighting the bad guys and hanging on to their own lives and that of their families in secluded communities

Does this last point seem like a stretch?  Just about everywhere you look among post-Tribbers, there is talk of opting out of the system, building sustainable communities, and creating alternative resources apart from the government’s heavy-handed, Big-Brother structure, e.g. medical clinics focusing on healthy lifestyles with the rejection of Big Pharma vaccines.

I hear these things voiced by people I listen to and respect such as Curtis Bowers at Agenda Weekly, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in Critically Thinking with the 5 Docs, and others.  In general, there’s nothing wrong with this.  While we’re waiting for Jesus to return in the Rapture of the true church, each of us should be doing the work the Lord has given each of us until His glorious appearing.  The problem is that the idea for the work of most folks with this mindset is that it will continue indefinitely, because there is no expectation of Christ’s imminent return.

Here’s what happens periodically with me.  I get thinking and theorize something like my 5th point above and soon thereafter something crops up to validate it.  In this case it was the article by Leo Hohmann titled Lovers of Truth and Lovers of Lies: Seeing new lessons for today in Mel Gibson’s iconic portrayal of ‘The Patriot’.

From everything I’ve seen, Leo is a post-Trib believer.  He is an astute observer and commentator of what’s going on in the world and very much aware of the spiritual war that we’re in.  What I don’t think I’ve ever seen in Leo’s writings are any acknowledgment of coming judgment – particularly in relation to the Tribulation.  In fact, it’s difficult to assess his take on whether he believes these coming years are the Biblical Tribulation or not.  He speaks of the Beast System and warns of the numerous efforts to control mankind that are close to completion, but he never puts any of his discussions in the context of the 7-year Tribulation as an actual, literal timeframe, nor especially does he relate any of this to an end-of-world scenario BECAUSE God must judge and bring to a close this God-rejecting dispensation.

What Leo’s article noted above does is to review the movie, The Patriot, by looking at it through a lens of our resistance to tyranny today in relation to that portrayed from the past during the Revolutionary War.  He rightly states that the vast majority of people – 97% – in this instance, are passive accepters of oppression.  They may realize something is wrong – even wish it could be different – but don’t do anything about it.  It’s because of this kind of apathy that totalitarianism is able to come to the fore and take root in the first place

It is only the tiny minority – the 3% – who not only see the trouble, but act in some form against it.  Sometimes, as in the case of the character Mel Gibson plays in the movie, a catalyst of some kind propels a person here or there to move from docile acceptance to action and active resistance.

Obviously, it’s heroic and noble when any of us stand for truth and righteousness.  At any time in history, this has been the mark of true Christians, and yes, patriots.  The question is whether this point in time is one similar to that in the past, like with those standing for our nation previously that it might be free?  Is there anything about today that would argue against a similar confrontation?  Should we be gearing up – as Leo Hohmann seems to imply – for what will inevitably become a physical battle to take back our nation from those who would destroy it?

If that’s the case, doesn’t this have the earmarks of the post-apocalyptic scenario I mentioned earlier?  In this regard, can’t you hear the patriotic music playing in the background as the rugged Christian preppers venture out to war?  Can’t you picture the devastated landscape peppered with burnt-out husks of vehicles, bodies lying in the streets, potholes from massive bomb blasts, and those on our side crying: “For Christ and liberty!”?

Am I that far off in how some of our brothers and sisters may envision the days to come?  If someone of the post-Trib Rapture persuasion is reading this and you have a different perspective that this one I’m hypothesizing, I’d love to hear it.

Regardless of what these Christian believers think may happen next, the Bible tells us differently.  The signs of the times – the very signs that Jesus, Paul, and John noted – have all converged.  We are at the time of the end.  This means that God’s Judgment will soon overtake the world just as Revelation lays out in the revealing of the Seal, Trumpet, and Bowl Judgments.  These are not for the faint of heart.  In fact, these Judgments aren’t intended for those who have professed Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (not that we’re faint of heart given the resistance to Jesus in the world today).  God will rain down His wrath upon this lost and dying world for the redemption of Israel and for unbelieving Gentiles that they too might turn and be saved.  If you aren’t part of either of these two groups, then the Tribulation isn’t intended for you.  Thank God for His mercy upon us who believe!

There is no need for hearty Christian patriots to save this nation and the world.  That implies that they are clinging to something that God has said isn’t for them to hold on to.  This alien place is not our home, and to think that we should fight to maintain it is to have our minds and hearts focused in the wrong place.  We should be looking up toward Jesus as our only hope.  We should yearn for Him to remove us so that He will complete the cleansing from the stain of sin that permeates every fiber of our being.

Remember Zechariah’s vision of Joshua the high priest of Israel where he was standing dressed in filthy garments (Zechariah 3:1-5)?  The Lord rebuked Satan who was accusing him and clothed Joshua in pure vestments, making him acceptable to stand before God.  In other words, his sins were removed.  Ours will be as well when Jesus appears in the clouds for us, cleanses us completely from the stain of this world, and we are transformed in the twinkling of an eye into our glorified bodies.

Doesn’t that sound a lot more appealing than continuing to wallow in the muck and mire of this earth?  And, the marvelous thing is that this is the truth of what is soon to come.  Listen, you post-Tribbers!  You don’t have to remain and fight a conflict that isn’t ours.  The battle is the Lord’s, and He will do it.  Not only that, but He will bring an end to strife and death.

I’m all for that.  Bring it on.  Why wouldn’t everyone want this?

11 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – The Post-Trib Post-Apocalyptic Mindset”

  1. Reply RobinL

    “The question is whether this point in time is one similar to that in the past, like with those standing for our nation previously that it might be free?” I have a friend who seethes with frustration that I am not running for school board and attending protests against our faux gov here in AZ. She infers that it is my duty to do so as a Christian. I disagree.

    If there was any place in the Bible that told me we are not in the Last Days and our efforts would glorify God, and be put to good use, I’d agree with her. But it tells me the exact opposite. I am not going to do anything that further entrenches my mind in this world. It would be ridiculous to attempt to subvert what God has preordained. I know there are plenty of Christians who will shout “YOU DON’T KNOW NOW ARE THE LAST DAYS FOR CERTAIN. What if everyone took that attitude?!” Well, they may not know it for certain but I DO. I have been given eyes to see and ears to hear and I’m not going to cling to this world, opposing God’s plan to bring sin to an end.

    My opinion is the same as yours Gary…we are to be about our Father’s business, sharing the gospel, being a light in this ever darkening world and looking up for Jesus’s soon return. Everything else is just drama and noise. I believe every word God has graciously and mercifully provided for us; no where does it tell us to build bunkers, buy beenie weinies and guns and isolate ourselves from the world.

    Jesus said He would remove us from the world before His judgment comes. We may face persecution, but I know death is the door that will deliver me into eternal glory; therefore I am at peace. Praise His holy name!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Whatever God has called each of to do – all well and good. The issue is where the heart is: burrowing into this world or soaring in the hope and promise of Jesus’ soon glorious appearing?

      • Reply RobinL

        Agreed. It is the shaming of others who don’t feel the same calling to save the world that irks me. I respect other’s efforts but feel a different pull.

        As for post-trib Believers, I feel sorry for them. Neverthelss, they are going to get the best imaginable surprise when they are Raptured out of this world before the wrath comes. I just hope they leave info and Bibles revealing the gospel of the Lord, for those who come upon their caches of food and other supplies. Think of it, that’s another example that God can use His misunderstood revelation for the good of those left behind, who come to know and love Him, according to His purposes.

          • RobinL

            Since there are so many preppers out there, only the Lord knows how they will be used. I trust He will use according to His good pleasure, but it is likely there will be many people who are greatly helped by what they find left behind by Christians who know what is to come. His will be done.

  2. Reply GaryW

    I tend to think about a lot of things Biblical, especially when I am alone, sometimes when driving. At times I bounce thoughts off my wife who has said she wonders what kind of spiders run around in my brain.
    I believe in the pre-trib rapture and so enjoyed this article. It may be just me but I think I have noticed a bit more ridicule lately for those who are pre-tribbers and Christians in general. The globalists need to ramp up their diatribe about religion because they know time is short. I believe many are swayed against pre-trib because they don’t want to be called foolish, dumb, or teased because they believe in fairy tales. The same for belief in God. Call me dumb, call me foolish. Just don’t call me late for the rapture. See you there.

  3. Reply steve

    All the more reason the reward for simply looking FORWARD to His glorious appearing is a special crown. It used to be so hard for me to understand how that could be, since I felt surrounded by like minded folks. Now, it’s clear there are as many apathetic believers not anxious for it, outright christians in name only, and false doctrines of mingdom nows and replacement theo types, I see that it is a crown that is actually earned, though all crowns “earned” ultimately are by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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