Biblical Audio Commentary – Solar Blight

Biblical Audio Commentary – Solar Blight




This is a rhetorical question: Why would anyone invest heavily in a solar farm in a northern Midwestern state where an entire month can pass in the winter with no – zero, zip, nada – days of sunshine?  If your response is that it’s silly for someone to do that, and of course, they wouldn’t, then you haven’t been paying attention.

This very thing has been happening in our vicinity, and it will soon get worse.  A couple of years ago, a 170-acre solar farm was installed on farmland not all that far from where we live.  It’s a ways off the road (couple hundred yards) but still very visible.  Have you ever seen one of these in person?  To be brutally frank, they are ugly as sin, a true blight on the landscape.

We were out of state away from home for three months this winter, and when we returned, we learned of a new project that has been in discussion for about four years.  Who knew?  The answer is: nobody.  It was just made public because of a final zoning approval that’s required.

Whereas the initial solar farm was the size stated above, the plans for this new one specify that it will be about 10x as large, i.e. comprising as many as 1700 acres.  Accompanying it, of course, will be a large battery installation to store the accumulated energy.  This will be on farmland in a particular – again nearby – township.  It will actually comprise 48% of the available tillable land in that township and actually total 17% of all the township land area.

The people behind these initiatives are making deals with farmers to lease their land for 25-30 years.  In other words, this land will never again be used for growing crops.

Some people say that the farmers can do what they wish on their private farmland, and I completely agree.  They should be able to do that.  The question is whether they should, and why they’d negate their farming rights in such a manner.

For some of these farmers, they’re older and their children have evidenced no interest in carrying on farming within the family.  One can understand that in such a case, they’d want to profit from this valuable land asset.  That being the case, why not sell the land?  It is said that the land is being leased yearly for anywhere between $800 and $2000 an acre.  If someone owns 100 acres among the 1700 total and executes such a lease, he’ll receive from $80,000 to $200,000 per year.  I guess that’s enough to change one’s lifestyle to allow for Caribbean vacations, buy a new motorhome, and acquire lots of other toys.  Again to be blunt, the attraction for these farmers is simply money, i.e. pure greed.  What the resulting acreage ends up looking like, who cares?  I’d be very surprised if these farmers don’t move after turning their land into a huge reflective surface.  Just a question in this regard: Does this contribute to so-called global warming?  Is this really “environmentally friendly”?

As to those installing these solar farm abominations (tell us what you really think, Gary), given that they’re leasing rather than buying, they can effectively walk away at any time (and good luck collecting if you sue them) if the venture turns out not to be profitable (because, perhaps, there isn’t enough sunshine?).

I also wonder in the larger scheme of things if there is a connection to the efforts by Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to buy up American farmland so as not to use it for agricultural purposes.  Think about it.  What is the point at which so much arable land has been removed from practical use that the US food supply must depend on the hydroponic facilities that – surprise – Bill Gates is also heavily investing in?  And, what is the nature of the plants grown in these warehouses?  You do know that they are already adding the COVID “vaccine” to lettuce and other vegetables – right?  Did you really want to stay away from GMO and thus buy locally to achieve that?  How soon before there aren’t any local farmers because they either leased their land for solar farm projects or simply sold it to Gates and the CCP?

The purpose of all this is as I’ve stressed many times: The global elites plan to control the world.  They have a timetable, namely 2030, to achieve the basics of their takeover so as to create a One World Government.

I have a sneaking suspicion that God didn’t create the world so that it could be covered by solar panels.  I doubt whether or not God really wants to look down and see a reflection in the glass of Himself.  I think He’d rather see the beauty of His creation.  So much for that.

What’s happening in our little corner of the world is a microcosm of that which is happening on a global scale.  Wicked men – under the inspiration and guidance of evil spiritual entities – are doing all they can to destroy God’s creation and mankind that He made in His image.

Although infinitely patient, God’s patience will actually run out one of these days.  All this that is being done to despoil the earth and corrupt the DNA of mankind is going to come crashing down very soon when God unleashes His rightly deserved judgment.  This solar blight soon to come near our house will be completely eliminated by the time the Tribulation ends.  After that, God will do a massive clean-up of the world to usher in His Millennial reign.

Given the way things are going, as I’ve declared many times, the return of Jesus in the Rapture of His true church is not far away.  Before long I won’t have to worry about how ugly man can make things since I’ll be in the presence of the Lord.

Believe me, I’m really looking forward to that!

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  1. Reply RobinL

    There is so much comfort in knowing the end of this story, and that it (and jesus) is coming very soon.

    When I get overwhelmed and discouraged by the in-our-faces-wickedness, corruption and schemes of the globalists and those in league with them, I remind myself that we won’t be here to see anything close to the worst of what will happen. This world is the closest we will ever get to Hell.

    Jesus’ words mitigate the distress I feel for myself, but it amplifies my concerns for my unsaved friends and family. Daily I remind myself that God is Sovereign, He hears my prayers and He is faithful.

    A very close friend of mine lost her son this last week; her only daughter died 13 years ago and her only son died suddenly in the night on Monday. Was he jabbed?! I think so (although he said he was not) because he did a great deal of global travel for business over the past 3 years. That simply wasn’t possible without a vax certificate. He wasnt saved, he didn’t have any children and he never married. His entire focus was on building legacy level wealth, which he was on the brink of obtaining but hadn’t yet happened. It reminds me of the rich man and the barns parable. Or Jesus’ warning in Mark 8:36 “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” So very, very sad…and devastating for his mom, who is a Christian.

    This temporal world is filled with tragedy, and the threat of impending doom; there is a blanket of darkness that has fallen and it is getting heavier by the day.

    I remain firmly on Team Rapture 2023.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I so hope you’re right, although my (very flawed) estimate (I hate to say) still puts us into next year or even as late as mid-2025. Wouldn’t mind one bit, however, for this earlier time frame.

      • Reply RobinL

        None of us knows, but if we continue to decelerate at this pace, it doesn’t seem possibe we can make it to 2025. As Pastor JD Farag says, these prophecies have an expiration date.

        ChatGPT dramatically increased the pace IMHO. Naturally, God is in charge of all the timing, but it seems He’s pressing His foot on the prophetic accelerator. With everything that is happening I’m kind of surprised we are still here. If He wasn’t holding everything together we’d already be in WW3, total economic collapse and civil war in the USA.

        The pieces are all in place for the 4 Horsemen which are, as we know, amazingly, only the beginning of the 7-years; war-famine-disease-death all set up so it can’t be much longer, and we can trust it is all according to His plans.

          • RobinL

            Yes indeed I did.

            Just as Jesus said, if He doesn’t return when he does in the second coming, NO flesh would be saved.

            He knows…we are very self-destructive sheep..

  2. Reply GaryW.

    I live near San Antonio, TX. When I retired 24 yrs. ago, I went to New Mexico twice a year. From Sweetwater on through the panhandle there are hundreds of wind generators. Talk about ugly. I did a little research on them and found out there is very little benefit from them. They are terribly expensive to build, expensive to maintain, and break frequently. You don’t just go onto your roof like replacing a TV antenna. It takes a specialist that works for a company that charges big bucks to replace a blade for instance. These were a brain(?)child of Bill Gates who just happens to own a large interest in a wind generator company. Just a coincidence, of course. I’m thinking about putting a wind generator on my roof to charge my electric car. This will all occur after my lobotomy, of course.
    Come Lord Jesus. Would next Monday fit your schedule?

  3. Reply Robin

    One particular road I travel twice a day, there are lots of lawn signs and banners that say, No Solar On Prime Farmland. They’ve been there all last week. Clued me to think there must be a bill in progress for solar power on all cultural lands. There was also one sign that said, Yes To Solar. It didn’t last long, somebody stole it. Fools do not research. I recently learned that solar panels are filled with a fluid necessary for their function. This fluid is also lethal to every form of vegetation. Looks like just another application to the depop agenda. Death by starvation.

  4. Reply Jim Eastman

    I’ve been following the demise of our power generation over the years. Palisades Nuclear is done. Big Rock Pt in Charlevoix is done. Cobb Coal Plant in Muskegon is gone. Campbell Coal is, I believe almost done. Grand Haven Coal Plant is gone. But we do have the 17 acre GVSU Farm. Wow. Consumers has been trying to entice me for years for control over my AC. They will run the fan only during hot days that they control. No thanks. Now they want to pay me for the use and generation of my whole home gas generator. You’d think someone is trying to kill us?

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Even Great Lakes Energy is moving to smart-meters – oh joy! You can opt out, but they require more money each month, plus they want to install something else – at a fee – other than what we currently have. Why? This works perfectly well. Even the small energy co-op isn’t really for its customers because they’re tied into a larger system and have to go along.

  5. Reply Cindy Stangl

    I live by these ugly solar farms. They clear out beautiful farm land and it changed the landscape I enjoyed driving by. We moved from the city to the suburbs for a reason. It is just so disheartening.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Exactly. Who would have imagined that rural areas would be so uglified? (Is this a word? Probably not, but it is now.)

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