Biblical Audio Commentary – Normal Life During the Tribulation? – No!

Biblical Audio Commentary – Normal Life During the Tribulation? – No!



If you look around, you see people living a normal life – or at least pretending to do so – even while society crumbles all around them.  Consider the hundreds of thousands of fans who attend a college or professional football game.  In their zeal for their team, do they seem concerned about the state of the world?  There are still the fans who dress up in exaggerated costumes to display their fanaticism.  Here I think of the Chicago Bears fan – “Bear Man” – who wears a massive bear head and painted face stripes of blue and orange.  There are the inebriated men and the college boys who strip off their shirts in 20-degree weather, not to mention the crazed reactions of the rabid faithful youth section as they cheer on their team.

For those of us who watch sports on TV, or view YouTube videos, or even Amazon prime shows these days, we get our fill of commercials plugging cars, food items, and sadly, the COVID death shot as well by the state and federal governments, not to mention Pfizer.

People are spending like there’s no tomorrow (hint – there isn’t), and rather than using money they’ve saved or that they have on hand, they’re drastically extending themselves on credit.  Household debt via credit cards is exploding, and somehow folks must think that the world will turn around and enable them to pay it off.  Instead, the likelihood is that they’ll lose their jobs and go into extreme poverty.

I speak to members of my family to try to get them to see how everything is on such a downward track.  It all goes over their heads with this blank look on their faces.  One of my young relatives thinks he needs to straighten out his life by getting the discipline the Navy will give him.  That would have been great five years or more ago.  I stress the wokeness of the military and the (now temporarily halted) push to jab them all with the COVID shot.  Mom says: “I support him in whatever he wants to do” – no apparent concern that it may lead directly to his death or impairment.  Common sense and seeing the world for what it currently is has left the building.

That’s the thing.  All this and more is simply a façade of normal.  The times we now live in are on their way toward being the worst this world has ever known.  And people are ignoring it, whether through ignorance, naiveté, purposefully burying their heads in the sand, or the deception of the day.  They either don’t have a clue that something big is coming, or maybe they sense a disruption, but are unwilling to change their lives to deal with it.  Others have a bias that simply won’t allow them to believe that the world as we’ve known it is passing away.  The world exerts a pull on people that is impossible to escape without Christ as redeemer.

In the November election the anticipated Red Tsunami didn’t materialize.  It was definitely there, however, election fraud totally squashed it.  An example of that is the runoff election between Hershel Walker and Raphael Warnock in Georgia.  A number of us predicted a Warnock victory simply because the Left would not allow Walker to win.  As Emerald Robinson showed, 20,000 votes mysteriously disappeared from Walker’s total at a critical juncture.  That doesn’t happen except by design.  Yet for this anomaly and the many others in the overall election process, the vast majority of those on the Right simply shrugged their shoulders: “Gosh, we didn’t have the momentum we thought.  We’ll do better next time.”  Uh-huh – that next time being when the Left has perfected their art of cheating to even a greater extent.  In fact, I’ll be amazed if there is a “next time” and we actually have a 2024 election.  Regardless, it’s a forgone conclusion who will win – and it won’t be a conservative candidate.  Be all this as it may, this is all seen as normal now.

Then there are those who think we’re currently living in the Tribulation.  That just boggles my mind.  How anyone can read Revelation and conclude that today are Tribulation times seems to be the height of rejecting the supernatural from the Bible. – a process of de-mythologizing it that has been going on for a century – first popularized by Rudolph Bultmann, a German Lutheran theologian.  When that seven-year period of Jacob’s Trouble begins, life is going to be so immensely crazy, we can’t even begin to describe it.  We have some wars and some rumors of wars now – then it’ll be full-tilt worldwide warfare – truly World War 3.  Today we see the famine approaching and even some around the planet experiencing hunger and subsequent death.  Then, scarcity will be so rampant that many will turn to cannibalism, just like they did in Jerusalem when besieged by the Assyrians and Babylonians.  It’ll be awful.

During the real Tribulation, the Lord will reign down judgment, while at the same time Satan will rage and kill the inhabitants of the earth for simply having been created by God.  Around us today we see the rise of the occult and people turning to spiritualism (or Spyritualism, like an electronic billboard I’ve been seeing that promotes a local shop with the means to find your true self: “Where the balance between darkness and light comes together”.  In fact, they have mystics, empaths, and priests on staff to help with your every need!  BTW – this is not a recommendation for spiritual enlightenment, simply the means to show what’s in the marketplace leading people astray.)  When the Tribulation is going full-bore, the supernatural will be the order of the day and become the new normal.  I’m not so sure that stores like this will even be necessary given the everyday nature of the paranormal at that point.

To this end, the fruit of DNA manipulation will likely be on display for all to see and experience.  You think Jurassic Park was just a movie?  Wait until it manifests in the reality of those seven years with the re-emergence of mythological creatures such as minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs, and more!  Think I’m crazy?  Where do you think the same worldwide description in cultures all around the globe came from?  These were real creatures – the result of abomination in the form of breeding between the rebellious sons of God or their offspring the Nephilim, and the animals of the earth.  Is it any wonder God had to destroy all life on the planet with the flood?

Here’s the bottom line: The world is seeing through a glass darkly.  It’s holding up a prism to whatever sunlight is currently left and seeing rainbow colors rather than the truth of what lies beneath.  Have you ever opened a sardine can?  You know how it works: you grab the tab and peel back the metal to reveal the stinky fish inside.  A time is coming that will similarly remove the façade of the can, and the covering will expose – in this case – the rotten underbelly of this world.  Its stench and the lawlessness that will consume the earth are far beyond today’s problems.

People may attempt to live normal lives for a while when all this comes about, but it will be life on the edge with no one knowing if there will even be a tomorrow.  For those following the broad road of destruction, there won’t be.

We who have been Raptured will be in a place of safety and love.  Those who thankfully are convicted by the Lord during those years and turn to Him must deal with the consequences of having chosen to reject Him prior to the Rapture.  Yet, they too will ultimately come into Christ’s presence and worship at His throne.

These days are coming.  They’re almost upon us.  But they aren’t here yet.  Thank God for that!

Stay alert, Brothers and Sisters, the Father is getting ready to dispatch His Son to collect His beloved Bride!

19 Responses to “Biblical Audio Commentary – Normal Life During the Tribulation? – No!”

  1. Reply Layne Dewlen

    Your views are much appreciated. Love your analogy of the prism and the sardine can. In fact I would like to quote it in a future article I write, if that is alright with you. Keep up the good work, and may God richly bless you for your faithfulness.

  2. Reply RobinL

    Gary, you see clearly, most do not. The voting problem in GA is the same as AZ, successful cheating and lies that is rewarded wthout consequences. The day to remedy that situation was Nov. 4 2020, it is too late now. Anyone who believes differently is deluded. And enlisting in OUR military?! WHAT?! That’s like signing up for Satan’s army…yikes!

    IMHO the poisons in our air, water, and food have deeply penetrated our ability to function and think normally. Even though we are not yet in the Tribulation, we are all feeling its coming effects to one degree or another. Your metaphorical sardine can has a tiny hole in it and already reeks to high heavens.

    I listened to an online live presentation by an eschatologist last night for about 20 minutes. He was talking about what the world would be like right after the Rapture. (I have no doubts about his salvation, but I have serious doubts about his comprehension of what the world is going to be like after it happens.) He was talking about all the “supposed Christians” who would still be here, and how confusing it would be when they next showed up for church. Uh, that isn’t going to happen on any large scale in the USA. We are going to be gutted. Maybe in other countries, but not here. I turned off the program because it was Post-Rapture Lite.

    Even when the Laodicean (or cult) Churches still retain their pastors, good luck. Our infrastructure and way of life are going to take an unrecoverable and massive hit. Doing some study on this, I believe it is likely (in the USA) about 30 M true Christians-keeping in mind that God’s viewpoint of the righteous (think Lot) is more generous than ours-and 50 M children under the age of accountability are going to be gone. That is 80 M people in the USA who will vanish in the twinkling of an eye.

    The grief and confusion of the childless parents alone is going to cause unimaginable disruption; even the unredeemed love their children. Let alone the missing adult Christians who are working faithfully, as for the Lord, in jobs of service, management, finance, government, business and law enforcement. People who pay their bills and taxes, help others, abide by our laws, plant, harvest and transport our food…gone. (At least the entertainment industry and the media will be relatively unaffected 🙃.) We are told we have an employment shortage right now?! I just can’t imagine how anyone could fool themselves into believing there will be a functioning American society post-Rapture. And we will absolutely be wide open to attack by our enemies; countries that won’t be nearly as impacted because they have significantly fewer Believers involved in running their nations. Think Europe, India, all the Muslim nations, the nordic countries, China, (yes, I know China has a huge Christian underground but most Believers are in low-level positions or are misled up by a syncretistic faith).

    Our minds can’t really grasp what the Rapture will do to our nation and the world. I think about it, have studied it, and usually get so overwhelmed by the magnitude of devastation and chaos that eventually I kind of check out. It is staggering to contemplate; truly every decent person’s worst nightmare, but opportunity galore for the reprobate and those who are beyond redemption.

    In fact, this is the one thing that occasionally causes me to think there can’t really be a Pre-Trib Rapture because, after it happens, seriously, how can the world possibly go on?! It’s something that my puny, antlike mind has a hard time fully grasping. Nevertheless, I know God is sovereign and it will unfold as He has promised…I have faith in what I can not see or really understand.

    Thank you for your commitment to spreading the Word and encouraging the brethren in these perilous times, Gary. You are a faithful servant.


    • Reply Gary Ritter

      You know I appreciate it, Robin. Yes, the employment situation will be quite a mess. Zero Hedge has been reporting on the mismatch between government statistics and reality, to the tune of about 1 M jobs fewer in – I think – the last 3 months. Eliminate another 30 M or so adult Christians and watch out – what will get done? I’m with you in this, there’s often a stated 10% remnant in the Bible, so of 360 M population, that’s 30 M. Not sure if children were counted in OT remnant calcs, but it doesn’t seem like they were. Regardless, of the actual number – probably fewer than many have estimated over the years – America will be reeling.

      • Reply RobinL

        It is comforting to know another like-mind Believer. I really appreciate you!

        That the USA is never mentioned in the Bible is very telling, by omission. To slightly disagree with you, I don’t think we will be reeling, I think we will be destroyed. When Jesus said, while discussing Sodom and Gomorrah and the Flood, that sudden destruction came upon them, I suspect that sudden destruction will come upon us. And if jesus says destruction, He means DESTRUCTION.

        The world was destroyed by flood, and the cities of S and G were totally wiped out. We are likely facing the same judgment-we are as equally reprobate, except for the faithful, as they were. We stopped being the worl’ds greatest exporter of the gospel some time ago, and have become the world’s leading exporter of all kinds of sin and corruption. (When a notorious war criminal like Viktor Bout claims we are totally wicked and lost, we assuredly are in very bad shape. Yet we deserve the punishment that is coming to us, God has been patient.)

        Like so many Christians, I am praying earnestly for my loved ones and friends who do not yet know the Lord. The Rapture is our glorious homecoming but the beginning of judgment and sorrows on the world left behind, even if the Tribulation doesn’t begin for a bit (gap). Undoubtedly, many millions of people will die as a result of our snatching away.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          It is pretty bad when the Russians are more moral than us and actually see it. So few understand the NECESSITY for God’s judgment. Oh, we’ll just keep going along like we always have. Okay. good luck with that.

  3. Reply GaryW

    Sadly, every word is truth. I have many friends & family members who will not face the truth. They just wait until this current world crisis passes and normalcy returns. “Head in the sand” syndrome, I guess.
    I did like the part about food ads on TV sports shows. The only sport I watch is college football. My other sport is food. My theory is that, since mostly men watch sports, they put on all the fast food ads in hopes there will be groups of men watching that sport and will reach for the phone and call in orders for multiple pizzas, burgers, etc. Personally, my salivary glands are sore after a game from over activity.
    Meanwhile, I’ll patiently wait for that trumpet call. Come, Lord Jesus.

  4. Reply GaryW

    I watch very little TV but when I do I don’t watch commercials. I either change channels or mute them and think of more pleasant things until they are over. Some things I record to watch later when I can skip over the commercials. Most commercials insult the viewers intelligence by simply assuming we are all idiots.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Wait! You mean we’re not idiots? I’ll be darned. Yes, lately we’ve also been turning off the sound when commercials come on. Tired of the repetition and assumptions made about us as a viewers.

    • Reply RobinL

      Well, to be fair, most of us ARE idiots and I don’t necessarily exclude myself from their company. (How did our perfect, sinless, God in the flesh Savior manage to live among us for 33 1/2 years and die for us?! It boggles the mind.)

      My favorite tv programs, because I have almost zero now, are the remake of All Creatures Great and Small, and a couple of things on Pureflix. I just can’t EVEN anymore. All I can see now are people perishing, it crushes my spirit. Jeremiah is very relateable. So ready to fly…past ready.

      • Reply Gary Ritter

        I love the prophets – SO relatable!

        If Jesus wasn’t so loving and caring, He certainly would have been shaking His head at all the nonsense like we in our flesh tend to do. Despite the awful nature of His death, in one sense, He had to be glad to once more be in heaven rather than this alien place (despite His having created it).

      • Reply Lisa

        We love All Creatures too. And really don’t watch much TV anymore. So much healthier spiritually speaking. I’m ready too and fervently pray for friends and family too.

  5. Reply RobinL

    The first couple of years after I was saved, and read Jesus’s words in Mark 9:19 “And he answered them, “O faithless generation, how long am I to be with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him to me.” I thought “Well now. THAT isn’t very nice. Isn’t that a sinful way to think?!” Now I know better…HAHA.

    If I were God, I would have wiped us off the map and started over when Adam and Eve sinned. Like I said, I’m an idiot.

  6. Reply Kim

    On target as usual Gary!

    At this point it seems the Rapture is the only thing that will get the attention of the masses. But even then most will continue to choose the wrong side. It’s frustrating (but a blessing) to be one of the few paying attention at a time when there’s never been more signs, events and warnings.

    Born Again believers should not feel at home here. I don’t want to keep acclimating to a foreign, hostile land. This world has nothing to offer but hopelessness.

    Since we are seeing the Tribulation casting its shadow on us, the only thing that makes sense to me regarding peoples lack of critical thinking (most notably since COVID) is God is showing us a prequel of the strong delusion that He will send when we are gone.

    I am so thankful that I’m in a continual state of awe, bewilderment and confirmation in my spirit that we are living in the final hours of the Church Age.

    Come quickly Jesus!

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