Biblical Audio Commentary – Leftist Betrayal

Biblical Audio Commentary – Leftist Betrayal




We keep hearing about how terrible Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is because he won’t do this or that.  Because he’s a right-wing, hard-liner, he won’t listen to reason.  The latest calumny, i.e. slander, is that he refuses to consider what a post-war Gaza will look like, i.e. who will administer it.

Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has been placing himself before various microphones and demanding that Netanyahu set forth such a plan.  Adding to the pressure, Israel’s War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz is insisting on the same day-after outline.  In fact, he’s threatened to exit the Israeli coalition if Netanyahu doesn’t capitulate by June 8.  Why is Netanyahu ignoring their ultimatums?

First, let’s see what these two men are requiring.  From their perspective, there are six strategic goals:

  1. “To bring the hostages home;”
  2. “To topple Hamas rule, demilitarize the Gaza Strip and gain Israeli security control [of Gaza];”
  3. Alongside that Israeli security control, “to create an international civilian governance mechanism for Gaza, including American, European, Arab and Palestinian elements — which will also serve as a basis for a future alternative that is not Hamas and is not [Palestinian Authority President] Abbas;”
  4. “To return residents of the north to their homes by September 1, and to rehabilitate the western Negev (adjacent to Gaza, targeted by Hamas on October 7);”
  5. “To advance normalization with Saudi Arabia as part of a comprehensive process to create an alliance with the free world and the West against Iran and its allies;” and
  6. “To adopt a framework for [military/national] service under which all Israelis will serve the state and contribute to the national effort.”

As it turns out, the three men: Netanyahu, Gallant, and Gantz make up the 3-part Israeli War Cabinet.  Netanyahu is considered a hard right-winger, while Gallant and Gantz are leftists.

At the outset of the war following the despicable, terrorist attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians October 7, 2023, Netanyahu assembled this War Cabinet.  In order to coalesce the government of right-left factions, Netanyahu essentially needed to bring Gallant and Gantz together into this decision-making council so as to move forward against Hamas in a unified manner.  At the outset, the three of them unilaterally agreed in writing that they would:

  1. Completely destroy Hamas as a military and political body
  2. Bring all the hostages home
  3. Prevent Gaza from re-emerging as a security threat to Israel in the future

As you can see, the first two initial objectives are the same as those echoed in the six-part demand.  It’s once the other four are examined that the problems begin.

There may have been discussion, but there was no agreement regarding how Gaza would be administrated following the eradication of Hamas.  As the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of the IDF, including the planning, organization, and deployment of military forces.  In other words, it is his job to make sure the IDF accomplishes the purposes of the War Cabinet.  Number One is the annihilation of the terrorist organization Hamas so it can never rise again.

Has Gallant done that?  No.  You may be aware that the IDF initially entered northern Gaza to wipe out Hamas and made its way toward the south to the final Hamas stronghold in the city of Rafah, which also happens to be on the Egyptian border.

Against all common sense, once the IDF cleared out the northern Gaza City and central Khan Yunis, Gallant explicitly directed the IDF NOT to retain troops so as to hold those military gains.   He actually sent the Israel reservists home who had fought there.  Well, who woulda thunk it?  Hamas came right back into those areas to re-establish their terrorist footing.  As a result, the IDF had to re-enter those cities several times to win back what had already been won.

Even worse was the war strategy that Gallant devised.  As noted, he sent troops to clear Gaza north to south.  The problem with that was Rafah as the border city with Egypt, of which Hamas – not Israel – actually controls the entry checkpoint into and out of Egypt.  Might there have been some thinking that maybe Hamas had tunnels to Egypt it could use for arms resupply, plus for their leaders to escape, or even to move out the hostages?  Apparently not.

Now that the IDF has begun operations in Rafah, guess what?  They’ve already discovered 700 tunnel shafts and 50 tunnels directly into Egypt just in the initial days of the operation.  How many more will the IDF find?  I wonder if Egypt had a clue?  Yeah, probably.  Which means that Egypt has been an active partner with Hamas against Israel despite there being a treaty between the two nations.

An active leftist participant in this charade is the IDF Chief of Staff Lt. General Herzi Halevi.  His job was to prepare plans for the entire Gaza operation under the direction of Gallant.  Instead, he prepared plans only for the ground maneuvers in northern Gaza.  Halevi has been a major roadblock to the taking of Rafah.  He actually refused initially to direct his troops there.  When it became apparent in January that the operation in Rafah would be coming soon, he was directly ordered to prepare plans for the War Cabinet’s approval.  It took him three months before he presented the plans.

But as a leftist general in the Israeli military, he’s not alone.  There are numerous other generals who have gotten their positions by kowtowing to the left’s power structure.  They’ve actually promoted the idea that the Palestinian Authority should govern in Gaza, and that the IDF would only show up there for small counter-terrorism raids.  It’s the same dynamic at play as in the US military.  Patriotic men have been dunned out while leftist boot-lickers have risen to the top, all the while destroying the nation from within.

Topping all this is the fact that both Gallant and Gantz have met with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on their own, independent of the aims of the War Cabinet.  Gosh, I wonder where those six demands I mentioned earlier came from?  Why is it that the eradication of Hamas seems to be nothing but empty words?  Could it be that these two leftist Israeli ministers are getting their marching orders from the Biden Regime?  This would be the same two-faced Biden regime that says America is Israel’s best friend and ally while at the same time doing everything it can to assure the survival of Hamas.  This would include building the so-called humanitarian-aid pier to Gaza that nobody – not even Hamas – wants.  That would be the pier that Hamas has already attacked twice because we are the Big Satan.  This would include sending so much food to Gaza via convoy through Egypt and now the pier that Hamas terrorists when apprehended are pudgy, to say the least, and much of the food supplied via humanitarian aid is sold in Gaza for pennies.  There’s twice as much food now in Gaza than there was before the war.  The need for humanitarian aid is an absolute canard.

So what’s the point of all this?  Satan has impressed on these tiny little leftist minds that the only way to peace in the Middle East is through a two-state solution.  Thus, Israel cannot destroy Hamas nor retain control of Gaza after the war.  In fact, what is desired is that Hamas be integrated into the Palestinian Authority’s ruling faction Fatah so that the region can have a civilian governing body with terrorist direction.  Beyond that, the desire is for Judea and Samaria – the so-called West Bank – to be integrated into this new day-after ruling coalition with its capital in East Jerusalem.  The fact that Israel would be completely carved up and indefensible is part of the plan.

We get all this as background and look at what else is now in play.  The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Netanyahu and Gallant.  It’s really Netanyahu they want; Gallant is probably named simply for balance.  Likewise, the ICC named several Hamas leaders, but how much would you bet that that’s just for show as well?

As this warrant became public, it was also made known that one of the primary advocates behind it is Amal Clooney, lawyer, daughter of a Sunni Muslim, and wife of George Clooney, who BTW hates Donald Trump and is a huge Biden supporter.  It’s previously been noted that the ICC would not move ahead with this arrest warrant unless the Biden regime gives its approval.  Given the connections, what do you think?  The Regime can make denouncing statements, but there is no doubt the Biden minions in power behind the scenes made this happen.

Key to this are the implications for Israel.  By declaring Israel’s leaders as criminals, the ICC has essentially pronounced that Israel as a whole is a criminal state.  Likewise, all of Israel’s civilian leadership, its military, and all the Jewish people living in Israel are terrorists in the eyes of the world.  The isolation of Israel as the world’s pariah and a nation not worth existing is proceeding nicely under Satan’s direction.

What are the prophetic implications of all this?  Probably more numerous than I can discern, but a couple I see are the following:

  • The Israeli population is thoroughly behind Netanyahu with some 80% approval rate. Israel as a whole realizes they must not only defeat but annihilate Hamas, so it can never again be the existential threat that it has been, regardless of what the world thinks.

There is extensive leftist pressure from rent-a-mob outfits that George Soros and his ilk financially support.  It looks like much of Israel internally is against the Netanyahu doctrine but that’s just the optics which the Left always uses to its advantage.

It has been suggested that Netanyahu come back at Gallant to require his day-after plan, let it be put to a vote, then fire him once it spectacularly fails to achieve any support.  Frankly, he should do the same with Gantz.  The issue is how delicate the governing coalition always is in Israel because the primary party in the Knesset always has to bring in partners for a unified government.

I’ve continually stated that I believe the Israel-Hamas War will likely morph into the Psalm 83 War.  I see nothing to dissuade me from that thinking.  In fact, with Egypt revealed through the tunnel fiasco, the likelihood of it eventually turning completely against Israel has grown in my estimation.  Then there’s always weak-kneed Jordan under its feckless king who inevitably wants to please the Muslim Brotherhood so as to retain power.

Getting to the point of Israel engaging in the Psalm 83 War probably means that Netanyahu will win out for the time being so that the coalition/conspiratorial bordering nations, including Hamas and Hezbollah, can all be soundly defeated.

Beyond that, it’s a crapshoot.  Once Israel gains peace from that war, it may very well be that the Left somehow surges to power.  We know that when Ezekiel’s war comes along, Israel cannot even respond militarily.  It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s a result of the Left coming into power and doing what the US dictates, thus being defenseless.

  • The other major aspect of all this is the impact of America’s betrayal of Israel on so many levels. We as a nation have time and again cursed Israel and violated Genesis 12:3.  It is inevitable that God curses us in return.

I think this has been happening consistently through the many natural disasters we’ve been experiencing, let alone the turn toward depravity and perversion, plus the lawlessness throughout our land.  We no longer have God’s hand of blessing upon our nation.

Even before the Rapture and Tribulation, I’m looking for a major event from God.  It’s hard for me to ignore the April 8 eclipse and the X over the primary area of the New Madrid Fault in Southern Illinois and Northeast Missouri.  The question isn’t a matter of if, but when.  When will God bring down the hammer to really get people’s attention?  All these other things don’t seem to have been effective.  Of course, even when such an event occurs, anyone pointing to God as the source because of the warning nature of the cataclysm will be roundly mocked.

The bottom line is that these end-times events are moving rapidly to a conclusion.  Anyone ignoring or denying them – whether secular or in the church – is simply not perceiving how the world operates.  God gives us His Word so that we can read and understand it; more than that so that we can adopt a Biblical, prophetic worldview that informs us where we are in the Lord’s eschatological timeline, i.e. to know the season that we’re in.

As always, watch Israel, but in addition, consider America’s betrayal and curses toward her.  All this is coming to a head.  Count on it.

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  1. Reply Pamela P.

    As usual, right on Gary! Thanks. I read thru Caroline Glick’s article you referenced. My blood pressure, while reading it, I’m sure went up several notches! The one thing I wonder about is that prior to the GogMagog war Israel will be a land of “unwalled villages . . . quiet people
    who dwell securely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having no bars or gates.” I’m thinking there are only 2 possibilities for Israel to be in this position: either they make a complete end of Hamas, gain control of Gaza and rule it with an iron fist, or that this state of peace and security is established after they make their covenant of death with antichrist at the beginning of the tribulation period. Your thoughts on this?

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thanks, Pamela. I simply don’t see how Israel can attain this state of peace and security unless there is a Psalm 83 War. Given the current circumstances, it appears to me that this current war with Hamas must morph into Psalm 83. The logistics are in place or almost there. Israel is becoming isolated and all the bordering nations are nearing the point were they may attack because of Israel’s seeming vulnerability. I see Isaiah’s covenant with death being the A/C treaty that officially begins the Tribulation. I also think that Ezekiel’s War must occur at least 3 1/2 years prior to the Tribulation because of the clean-up efforts described in Ezekiel. At the 3 1/2 year Midpoint nobody in Israel will be doing anything but running so the clean-up has to be completed.

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