Biblical Audio Commentary – A Different Perspective (As Usual)

Biblical Audio Commentary – A Different Perspective (As Usual)




For those who listen to or read me regularly, you know that I often have a different take on things, whether from the Scriptures or in observing our culture.  Not to disappoint, here I am with another such assessment.

The news last week was all about the woman identifying as a trans-man and how she went on a shooting rampage at a Christian school.  The media inevitably downplayed the fact that she was the aggressor and responsible for this horrific incident; rather placed the blame on Christianity because – of course – Christians are so right-wing, intolerant, and dangerous, that people like Audrey Hale have no choice but to arm themselves and strike first.  That’s so ridiculous there’s no point in spilling any ink over that meme.  What I want to discuss is this whole concept of the Christian school, with Audrey having gone there for some part of her education.

The real issue at hand is the label “Christian.”  Sad to say but we cannot take that at face value.  I grew up in a “Christian” home.  I’m thankful for the good values my parents instilled in me and the example they lived, which has doubtless impacted me in many positive ways throughout my life.  However.  (There’s always a “however” or “but” isn’t there?). However, my parents were Presbyterian, and that’s key to my comments today.

We went to church every week.  My parents served in many church roles, from VBS and youth volunteers, to Deacon and Elder, even on a pastoral search committee.  They were quite active over the years.  What they weren’t is born-again.

Gary, how can you judge?  None of us knows the heart of someone else and whether or not that person is saved.  Only God knows.

Right.  Except for the little concept of fruits.  “You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16). Notice the plural.  We could say that my parents were fruitful in God’s kingdom by all that they did in service to it.  But (there’s that little word again), where were their hearts toward God, and how did they convey what they knew about Him to their children?

Was there ever any discussion about salvation found only in Christ alone?  Was there ever any discipling based on God’s Word?  Did we ever spend any time reading through the Bible together or exploring its spiritual aspects?  Were we taught about sin and the great need every single one of us has to receive the sacrificial gift that Jesus gave us by hanging on the cross?  No.  And how could my parents relate all these ideas?  The messages at church never focused on them.  The sufficiency of Christ was never preached.  My parents never learned these crucial doctrines.

Is it any wonder that neither I nor my siblings emerged from home as believers?  I spent 54 years not knowing the one true God.  My one sister is into New Age, my other sister is a total agnostic.  My one brother goes to a woke church and has no understanding of salvation.  He and his family are big supporters of CRT, however.  My other brother is brain-damaged with the intellect of about a 6-year-old.  My parents always took him to church, which he enjoyed.  I don’t think he’d have a chance at heaven if it weren’t for his mental condition and God’s grace, but I believe he will see the Lord because of our merciful God.

All this to say that our upbringing in a Christian home in the Presbyterian tradition calls true faith into question.

Where this problem comes into play in this Commentary is that Covenant School, where Audrey Hale killed three children and three adults, is associated with Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Based on my background, my question is: Did Audrey ever hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ?

It appears that her parents didn’t do much to assist in her spiritual growth.  Her mother – from various reports – was at least somewhat of a liberal, meaning there’s no way she had a true born-again faith with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I haven’t heard anything about her father, but he likely provided no true Christian influence.  The reality is that the vast majority of liberals/progressives don’t know Jesus as Lord and have no Godly wisdom or discernment, and they certainly don’t know the truth of God.  They can’t; otherwise, they wouldn’t have that political persuasion and act against the interests of God in this world.  Progressive Christians?  Please.  Someone who knows the Lord cannot support the Democrat Party with its anti-God stance.

I’m not at all saying that Republicans are much better these days; at least most who label themselves conservative aren’t God haters.  Also, given the state of the world and the stark apostasy in the church from the Left and the Right perspectives, those who actually know Jesus and could be considered part of the Bride of Christ are few in number.

Did Audrey Hale have anything going for her that could have changed the trajectory of her life?  Probably not.  Every possible Godly influence was missing.  Parents that don’t know the Lord.  A church and school background that likely did little to prepare her to come to grips with the sin that encroached upon her life.  In fact, I’d wager that the Presbyterian community around her was active in social justice and other worldly issues that devolved into her thinking it was a good idea to be a trans person.  In a situation like this, the other, unseen factor is how this lack of Biblical preparedness probably opened the door to demonic influences.  Sin and the embrace of it tends to do that.  It allows a direct access to one’s mind by demons intent on causing someone created in God’s image to totally reject Him.  Audrey Hale never had a chance.

Of course, none of this will ever be discussed rationally by the world media.  Unfortunately, the church will never see itself as complicit either.  That’s’ the greatest tragedy.  It’s the church which should be providing Godly context for life so that the parents can teach their children.  When that is absent, all bets are off.

That’s just what we see happening in the world.  It’s why judgment must come, and it will begin in the House of the Lord.  I think that those pastors, priests, and others who are leading the church and its people to hell will soon learn how badly they’ve misjudged the character of God.

The world is a mess right now and will continue its downhill slide.  The true church, which should be a light in this darkness, is nowhere to be found.  Anyone who thinks this world has years and generations to go until Jesus returns is only fooling himself.

His appearing in the clouds for His beloved bride is right around the corner.

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  1. Reply RobinL

    Gary, as I’m sure you know the most recent Barna study shows only 4% of American churchgoers have a Biblical worldview. If that is true, 96% of everyone who claims to be a Christian is not. It is that simple and that dire.
    I’m reminded of friends who are New Age plus claim to love Jesus while practicing the rosary, walking a meditation/labyrinth at their Catholic Church and reading jesus Calling every day. (Recovery groups are notorious for producing these kinds of “believers”.) I have friends who think they are Christians because they, as Mormons, claim they too believe in jesus. I even have one ‘friend’ who was married and left her husband and kids, and married her female partner and yet sings the praises of the Lord to whomever will listen.
    I was raised in a large family of Believers on my mom’s side who all claimed to love Jesus (and some do) but never speak of their faith or share the gospel; they think that living as “good people” is more than enough testimony. The examples are endless.
    Remember the movie The Sixth Sense where the young boy says “I see dead people”? Well that’s how I feel, except they are still walking around…everyone who isn’t saved is happily perishing and doesn’t know it.
    Jesus told us to not be deceived, especially in our times. I often pray that if I am in anyway self-deceived, to please open my eyes and give me His wisdom and truth.
    Happy Good Friday, and Easter…I pray these are the last ones we celebrate before we are in Heaven with our Lord.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Things are definitely getting more treacherous. People can’t speak out in public anymore saying commonsense things without being attacked (ref: Riley Gaines being attacked by a trans “woman”). Deceit and delusion are off the charts and will only increase. I too pray for any necessary correction from the Lord. How long can it be? Not too much longer.

      • Reply RobinL

        I agree and am very hopeful in prayer that we are in the last of the season before His return.

        I thought of you recently when I read an article on by C. Gray Adams about what the bow that the AC is carrying when he arrives on the white horse in Seal 1. His study shows it is likely a ‘rainbow’ banner, which would make a lot of sense. I don’t believe this evil insanity is going to fade, and in fact it is clearly growing and becoming more violent by the week. Seems like a good method for the AC: coming in the name of love and peace, all to unite humanity; it is not any coincidence the whole LGBQT+ agenda falls under the rainbow banner of PRIDE.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been doing 4-week sessions with various people like Doug Van Dorn and LA Marzulli. Her most recent has been with Pastor Mike Spaulding of the Calvary Chapel in Lima, OH. I think he’s part of the Calvary stream with pastors like Jack Hibbs, JD Farag, Greg Laurie, etc. They’ve been talking about early in the book of Revelation. To your point, his interpretation of the bow (Rev 6:2) is that it can also signify a covenant, denoting the same idea as the bow (rainbow) God gave to Noah as a sign of His covenant not to bring a flood anymore. So, he’s seeing the bow the rider on the white horse (presumably A/C) holds is effectively the covenant he eventually facilitates with Israel. Maybe. Just like what Adams says: maybe.

          I’m definitely ready for the “season” to be over – LOL!

          • RobinL

            Well, the Bible is great for occasionally giving us dual meanings; God is both brilliant and subtle like that. I have, on more than one occasion, thought, can’t both answers be right when puzzling through scripture? Just like when the Angel of the Lord said “No” to Joshua when he asked, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?”

            Regarding this season, me too, so ready to leave this earth. Jesus is truly gracious by creating a genuine longing in us to want to leave here and join Him. I’m grateful that one day He will wipe away all our tears, and that also (eventually) we will not even remember our time here. As promised in Isaiah 65:17″For behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.”

          • Gary Ritter

            Isn’t it strange and sad that this longing doesn’t appear to be a driving need within all true Christians? That so many of them would be driven to make this world more of a home than what Jesus commanded, i.e. long for heaven and treat this place as alien? Hard to comprehend for those of us eagerly awaiting Jesus.

  2. Reply RobinL

    Yep, had a convo with a sister in Christ who made the comment “I know you’re all excited about the Rapture, but frankly I don’t have the time for that.” True story.
    I realize that we can’t just sit and wait (tempting as it is) yet we are so close, how can it not occupy our thoughts?! Has any excited bride ever stopped thinking about her wedding day as it gets closer and closer?! Of course not.
    I’m not making any plans beyond May and of course, if the Rapture takes us before then, I’ll fit it into my schedule, HAHA!
    Most Christians don’t believe it is soon, if they even believe it will happen in their lifetimes. SURPRISE!!!! BUT, there are a lot more people commenting on chat and comment threads about it being soon, and more secular people are becoming emboldened to speak out about the evil at work in the world.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      I tell secular people and Christians alike that my long-term retirement plan is the Rapture. They’re like: ha-ha. Whatever.

      • Reply RobinL

        I do the same. Best plan in the universe, ours will far outperform anything they are counting on.

        • Reply Lisa

          Thank you, Gary. Your family faith experience is similar to mine…only mine was in mainstream Lutheran. My parents were good people and I think my mom was evenrually a believer for she left to church we attended for 50+years after it started allowing women pastors and changing scripture. Oddly, all 4 of my siblings married catholics. Three embrace it firmly. Though one I believe is a believer. (I suspect she feels called to stay in that tradition for the sake of her family….hard to say.) The other sibling doesn’t but last we spoke on the subject, still believed you can earn heaven. It’s heartbreaking. And words and meaning and experiences get twisted so all I know to do is pray. He broke through to me. He can break through to them. I’d say it’s “easier” to reach someone who claims to be a pagan than one who thinks they are a Christian. Like Robin, I pray that I too would not be deceived. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

          • Gary Ritter

            The other thing I could have mentioned regarding my parents was that I had conversations with them very near the end of their lives. My dad was waiting for the right time to be saved – go figure. My mom said, “Oh I learned all that stuff back when I was in Sunday school.” These were people -sadly – who were not born-again.

      • Reply Kim D.

        Your article ties in so well with the absolute deception we are seeing. The last few years it has positively exploded and the last few months it seems to multiply by the day. People just keep acclimating like the frog in the boiling water, yet the evil has never been more apparent which makes me want to rip my hair out that people are so oblivious to it.

        Your article makes me think about how long this deception has really been in place, but not in an obvious way. It seems the majority of “Christians” are on the broad path that leads to destruction mentioned in Matthew. It says FEW there be that find the narrow path which leads to life. This tells me the majority of “good” Christians are going to be left behind. The sad part is they had warning after warning and the signs are there for the world to see. They are without excuse.

        Deception is the #1 sign Jesus tells us to watch for before the end and the human race is THOROUGHLY deceived and ready to receive the Antichrist. Like you said, people who believe we have many more years are deceived and love this world. I will still plant and water seeds until we’re called up, but honestly Gary, it seems most of humanity is of the reprobate mindset of Romans 1.

        Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday,! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

      • Reply Sachi

        The eternal retirement plan that satan’s big tech, big pharma and banks can’t get their hands on. No tax, not stamp duty, no bailouts. Jesus has made a place for us, his bride in his father’s house. Can’t wait. Ready to go home to our heavenly father. The world is on life support.

  3. Reply Jim Eastman

    Enjoyed reading both your comments. I can relate to the Presbyterian Church with me coming from the Roman Catholic Church. I get the impression there are not many of us left who understand what is happening. Maranatha come quickly. He is risen!

  4. Reply Susan Clack

    Oh, boy, did this one ever hit home. I was raised Lutheran, confirmed and all that, but in my 20’s decided to be a “seeker” and wandered about in the New Age for a decade or more. Even snooped about in Wicca, may God forgive me! Playing for the WRONG TEAM for too long.

    But Father is merciful–He let me live this long, long enough to come back to His loving arms and to be on Team Jesus once again. I am 63 and despair of my family–my father passed in ’17 and was NOT saved by any means….and my mother is an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood, a staunch Dhimmicrat, and goes to a United Methodist church. No wonder my older sister never took her family to any church when her 4 kids were growing up and now one of her grandchildren (a lovely young woman who wants to be called “Tom” and wonders why she can’t use the boy’s bathroom at school…I asked her what she was going to do when she tried to use the urinal, but I digress) And my third husband (first two were serial cheaters–I knew how to pick ’em!) had two children from his first marriage, and he and his ex figured it was not their business to give their children any religious training or structure. It was up to them when they reached 18. Epic fail!

    So now, years later, I see everyone around me unsaved and resistant to any Gospel messages or teaching. Hostile, even. So I fear that prayer is my only weapon against the enemy. I keenly feel Doom approaching.

    PS–I share your retirement savings strategy, Gary! Funny how I have maintained that for years now. I must be onto something BIG. God bless you and your ministry.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      A few years back, to help women who wanted to use the mens’ restroom and particularly the urinal, someone came out with a product called “the whizzy.” Never made much headway back then, but now…?

  5. Reply Karl Steudl

    Thank you Gary for tackling the hard issue’s of discernment. The thought had occurred to me about the school being Presbyterian whether they actually heard any truth at all. Very sad & disheartening, I agree so much with the info Robin brought up about the 4%. It is breath taking the rapid refusal & 180 degree turn in truth denial that we’re seeing. It is so reflective of Isaiah 5:20. Thats what Lucifer does, turn everything in an opposite direction of truth. I grew up in the Methodist system & heard no real truth of salvation, thats what clue’d me about the Presbyterian school question. I actually got saved by lustening to a college speech professor who was not afraid to speak the truth about Jesus after classes in the evening. Of course that was 32 years ago. Probably wouldn’t happen in todays world. Stay strong in the Lord, thanks again.l

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Finding an actual college professor these days who knows the Lord and isn’t afraid to speak His Word is quite challenging, I’m sure! Likely, that prof wouldn’t be allowed to remain at the school – domestic terrorism and all. Plus, his/her classes would likely be always boycotted and/or disrupted.

  6. Reply Pamela P

    Thanks Gary, as always you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Unfortunately and sadly that “nail” is what I call Religion. I can’t stand it, and frankly have always had trouble in most churches my husband and I have attended, due to this demonic religious spirit that runs most of them. I grew up in the Anglican Church, one step removed from the Catholic. Got born again as a young girl through a Sunday school teacher who was absolutely in love with Jesus and I wanted what she had. Unfortunately, she didn’t know anything about teaching the born again experience, or anything else from the Bible, but somehow I fell in love with Jesus and with His Word and obviously got born again somehow. I think my heart just cried out to Him and He heard me. He was my hero growing up and I adored Him (still do). But both my sisters never found Him and want nothing to do with the Christian religion, as they equate this with Jesus. The one is a Buddhist lesbian and the other agnostic who thinks she is good enough as she is. So terribly sad. They are vehemently opposed to any overtures on my part to share the gospel with them. I backslid for 16 years, as I got fed up with trying to be a good religious Anglican. It almost cost me my eternity with Christ. And it certainly drove my sisters away from meeting Jesus. All I can do is pray for them and trust Jesus with their eternity.
    Sadly, as you say, what we see in the church world today is an empty form of religion that happens to be called Christianity. I want nothing to do with it. Jesus is all about family – His family, and I am so grateful and ecstatic that I am in it and that we are all family together with our gracious and loving Father God and Jesus. And let’s not forget our precious Holy Spirit. What would or could we do without Him! Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      The lack of true discipleship is a tragedy. People get born-again then have no basis for the continuation of their faith. Obviously (I hope!) that’s one of the main things I try to do here: provide context and reason which can help people see the bigger picture. If we keep Jesus in a little box of love, that’s nice, but – at least for me – it’s very helpful understanding why God needed to do all that He has. It’s what I call the Big Narrative.

      • Reply Sachi

        The big narrative. I love it. I haven’t been able to finds a church that’s not NAR in my town. All of them or Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist or the cults of Mormon, SDS and JW. The NAR seems to have taken over. what’s more, they all complied to the Government’s Covid narrative and mandates. the one church that didn’t have separate sevices for the vaxxed and unvaxxed is full NAR. It seems everyone I meet are well meaning Christians but the moment I share about the imminent Rapture and the scriptures that fully back it up, I get anything from a condescending eye rolling everyone will go through the tribulation to eyes glazed over, dismissive and can’t walk away quick enough. It is so sad. My Christian friend is worried about me not being under a covering of a Church. But none of them in my town would cover you. Only deceive you, really believing what they say and do. I’m sure it would be easier to witness to Pagans. I came out of a season of new age which is really rebranded paganism in my esteem. I find the former new agers, who turn to Jesus and are born again. to be the most discerning. It’s because we were in the thick of it once and know their tricks.

        • Reply Gary Ritter

          I agree; those who have been in the religious “system” have a very difficult time understanding something different within Christianity. I’ve heard a number of New Ager testimonies where they REALLY get it. If you haven’t found this site, Marcia provides great info because of her New Age background:

          I think that so many Christians – because they don’t read their Bibles beginning to end – have no true sense of how awful the Tribulation will be will all the supernatural manifestations and just plain evil far beyond what we see today. Nobody would want to go through that, or think they have to, if they really understood the magnitude of what’s coming.

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