Awaken Proph Updt 3-10-21: Tale of 2 Churches

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 3-10-21 – A Tale of 2 Churches

Two churches emerging these last days:
#1 – Small / persecuted church
#2 – Lukewarm church



* Pastor James Coates, Canada – article

Christian Pastor In Edmonton Canada Is Arrested And Placed In Jail By COVID Police For The Crime Of Holding A Church Service For His Congregation

* Pastor James Coates, Canada – video of last sermon on government
* Erin Coates article
* Church fined $83k
* VOM Ethiopia church
* German House of One

Germany To Begin Construction On Chrislam ‘House Of One’ For One World Religion Worship Services That Will Also Include Atheists

* Seeker sensitive confusion

NTEB HOUSE CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE: Decades Of ‘Seeker Sensitive’ Services By Evangelicals Have Created A Hopelessly Confused Church

* Max Lucado
* Progressive church – Bible isn’t God’s Word
* Wheaton College & Islam
* South Florida swap shop & Islam

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