Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Deceptively Normal

Before I get started today on this specific Commentary, I wanted to take a minute to briefly mention something else.  The Israel Guys – whom I’ve favorably mentioned at various times for their reporting on the events going on in Israel – have been promoting an Israel conference for a couple months that will take place in Nashville, TN next week beginning May 20.  The Israel Summit was scheduled to be held in the Sonesta Hotel in Nashville.  However, due to extreme pressure from the pro-Hamas crowd, the Sonesta gave in and canceled their contract with The Israel Guys, leaving the conference without a place for it to be held.

Just this morning, I received an email from The Israel Guys stating that Dave Ramsey has stepped into the breach to host this conference at his HQ event center in Nashville next week.  I wanted to simply give a shout out to Dave Ramsey for standing with Israel and enabling the conference to go on as scheduled.  Thank you, Dave!

In addition, the conference livestream can also be purchased so that people can watch it online.  I urge you to sign up and support this effort so as to also stand with Israel.  Links are in the Transcript to this Commentary on my website.




Isn’t it great that all is normal, and life continues on as it always has?  I for one am happy to see that nothing has changed from the days of my childhood.  Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, and My Three Sons – watching TV these days has that nostalgic feeling, doesn’t it?  I grew up in the Cold War era.  We had diseases and all the typical ailments such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancers.  The Democrats and Republicans fought over budget issues, funding the military-industrial complex, social issues like civil rights and abortion, and the extent of immigration.  Why would anyone think times are different than in the past?  This world is going on like . . . forever.  There are generations still ahead of us, and for Christians Jesus will come a 2nd time.  There it is, life and our future in a nutshell.  Take a deep breath.  Chill.  Ain’t nothing bad gonna happen.


It is true that some people think something is wrong.  We see that concern among the billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and their ilk building their underground bunkers on remote islands, be it New Zealand or Hawaii.  For some reason they think an Apocalypse is coming and they want to be ready for it.  What was their first clue?  I don’t suppose they think that their global elite buddies have anything to do with it . . .

Other, more common folks, have tested the breeze by sticking a little finger in the air and decided that the intent within the financial realm to supplant cash with digital currencies warrants some cautionary gold buying, maybe even a little prepping to deal with a couple of hard weeks if the electrical grid goes down temporarily.

For the church in general, most of this is nonsense.  It’s much more important that people gather within the four walls, maybe do an outreach periodically, but mostly “do church” by keeping the light shows going amid those amazing topical sermons promoting social justice.  When someone suggests it might be useful to correlate Scripture with what’s happening in the world, that’s considered contrary to living in the Spirit.  If the issue of Bible prophecy is brought up, why should it be used as a wedge to divide the church?  It’s controversial, everybody believes something different, it’s confusing and scary, and for the most part it’s simply not relevant.  After all, whatever happens is in God’s hands and everything will pan out in the end.

As a result of these different attitudes in secular and religious circles, the idea of Judgment isn’t one that’s looked upon with much favor.  Those crazy Bible prophecy people are always causing disruption and making people uncomfortable especially when they talk about the fear of God.  What’s to fear?

Who wants to hear that the vaccine they trustingly took from their beloved doctor at his insistence is a bio-weapon designed to steal, kill, and destroy?  To steal one’s health.  To kill the entire spectrum of men, women, children, and the potential for future offspring.  To destroy the vast majority of the human race so as to exercise supreme control over it.

Do you remember the Georgia Guidestones with their first commandment being that the earth’s population should be no more than 500 million?  Neither does anybody else.

For somebody to think any of this, he must be a crazed conspiracy theorist.  Of course, none of this is happening.

The reality is that one of the oddities currently in play seems to be a sense of normalcy despite the facts on the ground.  I can’t help but continue to look around and see the façade that life goes on with no real concerns for the future.

Yes, the border is open and illegal aliens are streaming in, but that’s a good thing, don’t you know?  Corporations are desperate for cheap labor.  They’re so desperate, in fact, that like Tyson Foods, they close their chicken plants employing thousands of American citizens in order to reopen them with the labor of illegals at a fraction of the payroll cost.  American ingenuity at its finest – just like it’s always been.

Then you have Congress – please take it, if you will.  Sadly, we’re stuck with it since We the People have zero power and influence on our supposed elected representatives any longer.  What do you think gerrymandering is for other than to manipulate voting districts to assure a certain outcome?  Why do you think Democrats change parties to become Republicans so as to win a safe Republican seat then vote with the Dems?

In the current iteration of Congress, we’re seeing a supposed down-home, born-again Christian of deep faith as Speaker of the House, having become completely compromised so that the Democrats refer to him as their Speaker.  But 95% of the Republicans are just fine with that since his actions align with the Deep State, of which they all are a part.  Thus, the Uniparty flourishes.  And to think, in years past I dismissed this idea that both parties were working toward the same goal, just from different ends.  Boy was I naïve.

But I no longer labor under the illusion that there’s any difference whatsoever between Democrats and Republicans.  That was a lie from the beginning.  The Deep State always has been and continues to be the driving force in our government.  I guess in that sense, life goes on as it always has.  If anybody thinks that the upcoming election will change anything, he is fooling himself.  Even if Trump wins, which I doubt will happen for any of a number of reasons, he has either no discernment as to the choosing of his advisors, or he’s part of the problem.  Either way, those who are entrenched and working toward the demise of America are really the ones in charge: unelected and unaccountable, they will get their way.  The majority of them are compromised and vassals of the Deep State.  Why do I believe this?  Because Bible prophecy clearly shows that America is a non-entity in world affairs as this age comes to an end.  The only real purpose for a Christian to be involved in politics is to connect with others so as to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you think you can effect any true changes, that’s just a pipe dream.

Despite all this, we have people closely watching politics hoping against hope for the world to change in this next election season.  Life goes on and the same fantasies persist.  Few people really see the depth of corruption and perversion, nor where they’re leading.

So it is in every other sphere, be it entertainment, sports, or the weather.  We get so conditioned that we assume Hollywood movies have always been filled with graphic sex and filthy, God-cursing language.  Its movies have always been the mechanism for propaganda via subliminal messages, but the in-your-face stuff hasn’t always been there.  Nobody recognizes that, however, so it’s taken as given that it’s never been different.  Crowds still fill ballparks and people religiously follow their teams and players with no sense that even the changes in the games are part of the bigger picture of manipulation and control.  In the area of weather, the climate brainwashing has been so successful that when 100-year and 1000-year events follow one after another, it must be because we’ve damaged out Earth Mother Gaia.  Could God be sending a message even be allowing the machinations of the weather manipulators using HAARP or chemtrails?  Nah.  What would God have to do with anything in our lives?

Then there’s the out-of-control lawlessness in the cities, soon to come to a suburb or rural area near you.  Haven’t there always been supply chain disruptions leaving grocery shelves bare?  Hasn’t there always been a massive drug problem like with fentanyl and crank that leave users like zombies on the streets?  Surely all the anti-Israel protests on college campuses and in every nation around the world have been going on forever and are certainly justified.  No different than the 1960s Vietnam war protests.  It’s just high-spirited kids blowing off steam.  Yep, we’ve seen it all before, so what’s there to worry about?

The truth of the matter is that America and the world resemble a sardine can.  With the top in place, who’s to know what’s under the lid?  But, pull the tab, peel it back, and what do we have?  Stinky fish.

In our case those stinky fish are more than a little rotten.  In fact, the entire contents are spoiled and exuding the aroma of death.  This is why when true Christians come along with the aroma of life, those living in that sardine can can’t stand us.  They associate with corruption and death.  Any hint to the contrary is so offensive that they lash out and want to destroy all that is good which they can’t deal with.  They’re so invested in swimming in the cesspool that it is normal life to them.  They’ve adapted, and anything other than what they feel will not be tolerated.

One of these days – sooner rather than later – God Himself will peel back the lid to expose the sardines.  He’ll remove those of us who fear and revere Him and allow the world to consume itself.  The eaters and the eaten will be one and the same.  Trouble will come upon the earth in such a way that it truly never has been before and never will be again.  Maybe at that time, people will realize that everything hasn’t been normal.

Or, maybe they won’t, and the end will come with them still expecting life to go on as it always has.

8 Responses to “Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – Deceptively Normal”

  1. Reply Rick H

    When you kept saying life goes on…I started getting this vision of someone playing that old Beatles song “Life goes on” and then all of a sudden the rapture happens and the needle on the record player gets bumped somehow after it happens…the day the rapture happens is when the music finally stops and the world flips like a light switch.

  2. Reply Max

    Gary, thanks for your article. Terry James and others ascribe to the belief that Luke 17:27-29 likely means (my words) that there will be “normalcy” when the Rapture (sudden destruction) happens. Normalcy is relative, as you so well describe in your article. So it makes sense that Terry et al could very well be right. Looking at it a different way, nuclear war, WW3, EMP’s, and other large-scale destructive events don’t seem like it fits pre-Rapture given that the AC will need all of the computer-centric infrastructure in place to effect the MOG technology. So I’m not concerned about all of the WW3 talk. Large scale wars will certainly happen post-Rapture but it seems implausible pre-Rapture. Likewise the collapse of the US, and subsequently, world economies. There would be no normalcy (buying and selling, building, etc) if there were a financial collapse pre-Rapture. All of these things seem to best fit post-Rapture. Yes, we’re seeing shadows and observing the evil framework being put in place. But Terry and others believe, and I hope they are right, that the trigger for it all will be the Rapture, and not before. I’m curious what your opinion is, not questioning Terry et al, but his/their concept of it. Also, do you prescribe to a gap period between the Rapture and the signing of the peace agreement that kickstarts the 7 year trib? Thank you

  3. Reply GaryW

    Perhaps if people stuck their heads deep enough in the sand or painted all their windows black, they wouldn’t have to see what is going on and when they finally raise their heads out of the sand, behold, normalcy. People seem to be leaving the church or joining some off-the-wall “religion”. It’s like having a doctor telling me I have a terminal condition so I just find another doctor.
    Also, if you do not believe in God, what else do you have to hope for except normalcy or some other “whacko” belief.
    Deep down in every person I think there lurks some kind of belief in a future beyond death. God is the only correct and true path to that future.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      For people who don’t believe in God, what do they have? Just the non-Biblical hope that none of this kills them because they have nothing to look forward to after death. Our hope as believers is tried and true: a glorious future!

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