Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: YouTube Misinformation – Cancellation Thwarted! – Again!

Takeover Plan for America

Once more YouTube has removed one of my older Awaken Bible Prophecy Updates. Believe it or not this is from over 1 1/2 years ago titled Takeover Plan for America that I produced March 17, 2021.

This dangerous video to the YouTube community had all of 56 views and was obviously a threat to keeping the community safe.

By reproducing it again here, you can make your own determination as to YouTube’s assessment. Here is the brief outline of what I cover in this video:

History of Cloward-Piven
Intent of Cloward-Piven plan
Cloward-Piven 4-stage strategy
Cloward-Piven 8-step implementation plan
Today’s implementation
Ultimate outcome

I think you’ll see that everything mentioned in the video is true and still in play. Remember – even if we have a small audience – the powers-that-be fear the truth.


6 Responses to “Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: YouTube Misinformation – Cancellation Thwarted! – Again!”

  1. Reply RobinL

    Happy New Year Gary! Way to punch back. Almost 2 years old and this video holds up very well, doesn’t it?!

    Over the last day or so I’ve had the sense that it won’t be long before the New Brown Shirts may be knocking on the doors of outspoken Christians in the US, taking us away in the dead of night. This would be a logical step in their overall agenda to destroy our nation, and Christianity specifically. We know their plans, and yet we also know the Lord is sovereign and this is all proceeding according to His divine will.

    Surely, the Lord is soon going to give them their heart’s desire by removing all of us in the Rapture. But I don’t think that’s going to go as well as Satan plans. Once we are gone, God will allow Satan to have more power than he has ever had before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t become his worst nightmare in the process. (I can’t imagine God will allow it to be a “pleasant experience” for the ruler of this world.) While we know the scale of death and destruction that is coming, I pray it is also very frustrating, and that Satan is exposed as inept in many ways. After all, sin makes you stupid and he IS the father of sin. People laughing at him (and certainly a few brave souls will) would be wonderful….nothing worse than the ultimate egomaniac being ridiculed. Sorry, I digress.

    It breaks my heart that so many future Christians will be here to suffer when the Lord has provided an escape. And that the churches and pastors STILL, almost 2 years later, refuse to discuss our current state of affairs, while it has become irrefutably clear what is underway. Another recent survey shows that 67% of American Christians now believe we are living in the last days! And yet our pastors refuse to discuss it, and the very soon return of the Lord. It’s really not going to go well at the Bema Seat for our church leaders…those who make it to the Bema Seat. Hoards of pastors will be standing at the Great White Throne instead.


    • Reply Gary Ritter

      The interesting thing is that I don’t think YT flagged me for using the word COVID twice. It had to be about my discussion of communism and what they’re doing in that regard to implement it. People get touchy when you hit a nerve, I guess!

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    I remember when I was younger, during an election, the networks had to grant equal time for all candidates including the communists. We always turned the TV off when they were speaking. Now they is us and the capitalists are the pariah. The bad part is that equal time is not granted to all point of views. The young people on our campuses dont get it.

  3. Reply Pamela P.

    Thank you Gary for this message.
    In 2011 the Lord said to me the following, “ A lot of My people are sitting on the fence: they have one foot in My Kingdom and one foot in the world’s kingdom. There is coming a time where they will have to make a choice and get off the fence.”
    I do believe that we are now in this time, and that everything God is allowing to happen throughout the world now has 2 purposes: to wake up as many people as possible for their need of a Saviour, and to purge His church. We all are experiencing His refining fire, and I think the heat will increase exponentially during 2023.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Absolutely. Fence sitting – one toe in the water, the other out: same as being double-minded. Indeed, I think this year will be a doozy!

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