Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 9-29-21 – Disregarding Signs of the Times

There is only a small number of Bible prophecy teachers who are proclaiming the soon-return of Jesus Christ in the Rapture.  Based on the Word of God and confirmation of what we see happening in the world around us, we have no doubt that the time of the end is rapidly nearing.  What is considered history as we know it is soon to be disrupted because of the direct intervention of God.

Sadly, while a great number of secular people know that SOMETHING is on the horizon – although they don’t know what – far too many in the church are seemingly oblivious – or willfully ignorant – of the complete breakdown of literally EVERYTHING in the world and what that means.  Given the complete destruction of our nation as we know it through the medical and governmental tyranny that has risen to such unprecedented levels, the natural disasters that are battering the world, and the astounding departure from Biblical truth plaguing churches everywhere, one would think that many churches would be curious and seek out what Scripture has to say about these issues.  If more than a very few churches are doing this, I have yet to hear of it.  It seems as if most churches are simply doing their thing and avoiding Biblical prophecy as they’ve always done.

We’re going to discuss at a high level a number of clear signs that are present – which God has graciously given us – that indicate the hour is almost nie when Jesus Christ will step back into human history, but in a radically different way than He did 2,000 years ago.  When we ignore what God wants to tell us through these signs that correlate with His Word, what does that mean?  Are there consequences for those who should know better but choose not to?  By avoiding the implications of Bible prophecy, what does that mean for the church – and more specifically – for the leaders of the flocks who should be bringing the truth about ALL of God’s Word?

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