Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 7-14-21 – Medical Folly & Zombie Doctors

This may shock you, but the medical profession is not populated by gods. In fact, doctors and medical researchers over the years have promoted various cures they were absolutely convinced were legitimate and safe, yet their convictions were misplaced. Rather than being drugs or remedies that healed, they did just the opposite and were dangerous health hazards.

You can probably guess why I’m bringing this up, but it’s valid topic of discussion given the constant drumbeat from every direction these days, originating from within the medical community – that the Vacijabs, otherwise known as the so-called COVID vaccines – which are really experimental biological agents – are legitimate, safe, and effective. That’s what doctors in prior generations said about their cures. We’re going to look at some of these past medical follies and then at a couple driving forces behind this push to have the world take the jab.



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