Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 12-14-22: Milky Christians

Events in this world take time to come together.  The prayer we as Christians send to the heavens for patience is all-too needed, and then we’re usually sorry we ever asked.  Those of us looking for the pre-Tribulation Rapture are sure that God missed the timer going off to alert Him that this sinful world is all-too-ready for judgment.  Waiting for Him and His perfect timing is hard.  I’m sure it’s the reason Jesus spoke to the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3:7-13 the Words of encouragement that He did.  Realizing that they had little strength, He commended them for enduring patiently.  How perfectly that fits us today as we see and experience the disintegration of morality with all things decent and sensible crumbling all around us.  Sometimes it feels like we’re holding on with our fingernails; we just need to do so by not grasping onto an old-fashioned chalkboard with its nerve-tingling screech.  Since the Bible is always a now Word, then the past tense for the Philadelphia church enduring patiently also applies to us.  Remember how when the Apostle John saw the visions of the events in the Tribulation, they had already happened in the way God sees them outside of time.  So it is for us.  Our patient endurance is already a fait accompli, i.e. an established fact, from God’s perspective.




Events in this world take time to come together.  The prayer we as Christians send to the heavens for patience is all-too needed, and then we’re usually sorry we ever asked.  Those of us looking for the pre-Tribulation Rapture are sure that God missed the timer going off to alert Him that this sinful world is all-too-ready for judgment.  Waiting for Him and His perfect timing is hard.  I’m sure it’s the reason Jesus spoke to the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3:7-13 the Words of encouragement that He did.  Realizing that they had little strength, He commended them for enduring patiently.  How perfectly that fits us today as we see and experience the disintegration of morality with all things decent and sensible crumbling all around us.  Sometimes it feels like we’re holding on with our fingernails; we just need to do so by not grasping onto an old-fashioned chalkboard with its nerve-tingling screech.  Since the Bible is always a now Word, then the past tense for the Philadelphia church enduring patiently also applies to us.  Remember how when the Apostle John saw the visions of the events in the Tribulation, they had already happened in the way God sees them outside of time.  So it is for us.  Our patient endurance is already a fait accompli, i.e. an established fact, from God’s perspective.


And this is important, because even though the Tribulation seems at times to be upon us, we have to remember that all the things which happen then must be set in place now.  Given what’s going on around us, we can’t help but think that surely that terrible time upon the earth may even have already begun.  But no, the Tribulation casts long, yet ever-shortening, shadows.  However, that’s what they still are: just shadows.  When the real thing is upon the earth, people won’t have any doubt.  We think it’s bad now – just wait.  Once the Tribulation begins following the Rapture of Christ’s true church and the stepping aside of the Holy Spirit, what is seen as lawlessness now will morph into a supernatural chaos that most of us can’t even begin to picture.  The anarchy that will descend among the beings on this planet is indescribable, because of the extent of lawlessness, hatred, cannibalism, probably giants that look like men and beasts that appear from the pages of mythology, not to mention robotic creations that will kill their targets on sight – no, this poor old planet hasn’t seen anything like this yet.


Sadly, far too many Christians aren’t holding onto solid doctrine as they encounter this worsening world.  They are believing false ideas and philosophies and embracing non-Biblical concepts that are leading them astray.


Today we’ll consider one such example, plus briefly discuss several other notions and views that are the exact representation of what Jesus meant when He said not to be deceived in these latter days.  Deception is rampant, and the church is falling for it far too much.  Its extent ranges from a skewed understanding of the Rapture and what that implies, to adopting New Age/occult beliefs that can do nothing but harm one’s relationship with Jesus, to following false shepherds who apparently don’t even read the Word of God given what they speak from the pulpits.  Satan and his minions are scratching the itching ears of a Biblically-illiterate church.  That’s a terrible thing for Christians to fall for and, just as bad, results in a weak or non-existent witness to unbelievers who desperately need the truth of the Gospel from reliable sources in these times.


We’ll dig into this momentarily, but first we’ll pray and read from God’s Word.






Psalm 37:7-9

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices! Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil. For the evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land.



Milky Christians


  • What stirred me up to do this particular Prophecy Update was the news about Justin Bieber a couple weeks ago
  • This young man has proclaimed that he’s a Christian for a number of years, yet the things he said or did tarnished that declaration
  • Seeking fame and fortune in this world in the Name of Christ is rather problematic
  • Earlier this year it came out that his wife, Hailey Bieber, had suffered a stroke
  • Not long after that, Justin went on social media to publicly cancel his singing tour because he had developed a form of facial paralysis
  • These days, whenever someone dies suddenly or contracts some kind of ailment that millions of others have likewise suddenly gotten just in these last couple years, that makes some of us immediately “go there” as to what caused this condition
  • I suspect that if you’re watching this Prophecy Update, your thinking is similar to mine
  • You hear about cases like Hailey and Justin Bieber and you say: “More victims from the COVID injection.”
  • You and I see it and we know the truth that the vast majority of these situations – not every single one, I suppose – but many, many are caused by the mRNA jabs
  • However, as unbelievable as it seems given the amount of confirming data in this regard, an awful lot of people – Christians among them – cannot see the connection, or refuse to do so
  • That’s what I found so interesting about Justin Bieber’s revelation
  • Not only did he not connect the dots, he opened up about a very dark side of his life
  • I have stated for a number of years that I thoroughly believe that the great majority of people in the public eye in positions of prestige, power, and wealth have gotten there because they’ve sold their souls to Satan
  • They wanted the world, and he gave it to them
  • Are there a very few who reach the top of their profession by either their own intense efforts or by the grace of God? – absolutely! – but I think they are few and far between
  • As it turns out, despite his Christian profession of faith, Justin Bieber apparently was among the many who made a deadly bargain
  • In a video, Bieber said that at a Bible study several years ago, he confessed that he had joined the Illuminati
  • The Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Knights Templar – they all have their roots in ancient Babylonia
  • They are the spawn of Satan and his ages-old vendetta against God
  • The people in these and similar secret societies may even start out with no particular animosity toward God
  • But as they advance in the ranks, they are either weeded out or become one of Satan’s own
  • They believe in God but deliberately choose to go their own way – to be their own gods – just as Satan tempted Eve in the Garden
  • Worse – they twist the truth of Scripture
  • Satan becomes Lucifer – the Light Bearer – the one who brings illumination to the world – hence the Illuminati
  • God is made the bad guy – the One who desires to place mankind under His heel to make man do what He commands – and it’s all such a drag!
  • Lucifer on the other hand wants nothing but good for people so that they can emerge into a greater destiny
  • Thus, those who adopt the premise of the secret societies know better that the common man because they’ve been given the real truth
  • Ever wonder why the Klaus Schwabs, the Bill Gates, and the George Soroses of the world are so arrogant? – this is why
  • They have hidden knowledge, and it’s very privileged
  • Those that don’t have it are worse less than nothing – they are infinitely disposable
  • And so it was that Justin Bieber in his lust for fame and fortune joined the Illuminati – he accepted their invitation to be among the ranks of those who make the rules and dictate to the little people what they should know and do
  • Despite this, something in Justin’s conscience must have kept gnawing at him
  • Maybe it was childhood teaching by exposure to the Bible
  • Here’s what Proverbs 22:6 says in this regard:


Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old he will not depart from it.


  • Maybe this is what happened to Bieber
  • Regardless, in his statement about this he told of attending a party of these evil people in the Hollywood and entertainment industry
  • They had a young girl there who they’d drugged and made compliant for their sexual pleasures
  • Justin was told that he had a choice to make
  • If he wanted to go beyond just making millions of dollars to become a mogul in the industry and make billions, then he had to do what they told him in abusing that child
  • Apparently, he had a revelation that it wouldn’t stop there
  • He would also have to kill the child – and he couldn’t – wouldn’t – take that next step
  • Good for him
  • I don’t know what transpired with him and Christian faith in the intervening years since 2017 when he told about the incident in a Bible study group
  • The one thing that’s evident to me is that he and his wife fell for the COVID hype and took the so-called vaccines
  • It’s no coincidence that both he and Hailey developed serious physical injury
  • However, and this is where it gets interesting and more problematic for him
  • Whatever Christian teaching he’s been under, it was obviously rather poor
  • Having now confessed openly about his connection to the Illuminati, he looks upon his facial paralysis – and maybe Hailey’s stroke as well – as punishment by the Illuminati for trying to escape their clutches
  • He seems to be clueless – for one – about the connection of COVID vaccine injury to what happened to him
  • Worse, he doesn’t appear to understand the power of Jesus Christ
  • He doesn’t seem to realize that the Illuminati and their masters – Satan and the rest of the fallen heavenly realm – can’t hold a candle to Jesus
  • He is God – the others are not
  • Bieber speaks as one who is under a curse
  • The common person – an unbeliever – is indeed subject to the curses of darkness
  • A true believer in Jesus Christ knows that He delivers and redeems – that He break the bondage of Satan, this world, and the lusts of the flesh
  • Not understanding this, Justin has stated that he’s seeking out a Catholic priest to do exorcism on him
  • What does that tell you about his Christian faith and/or the teachers he’s been sitting under?
  • If nothing else, it tells me that he fits the description of the Apostle Paul in writing to the Corinthian church
  • Here’s 1 Corinthians 3:1-3:


But I, brothers, could not address you as spiritual people, but as people of the flesh, as infants in Christ. I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it. And even now you are not yet ready, for you are still of the flesh.

  • Despite however many years Justin Bieber has had Biblical teaching, he was ignorant enough to join the Illuminati, and now he continues to show how immature he is in the faith
  • Justin doesn’t need an exorcist
  • He needs the truth of Christ and the power of God in his life
  • Jesus can and will deliver him if only he would go all-in for the Lord


  • That brings me to additional evidence that the church today is under-equipped in God’s Word – if not completely fallen away from it
  • I’ve spoken and written on this many times, but the sad state of affairs with many Christians is that they believe what is – frankly – a lie regarding the sound doctrine of the pre-Tribulation Rapture
  • There are numerous problems with a post-Trib, mid-Trib, or a no-Trib Rapture
  • I’ve spoken of them often
  • One big lie that pastors continue to propagate is when the concept of the pre-Trib Rapture came into being
  • These pastors and the people who sit under their teaching state that John Nelson Darby in the 1800s was responsible for coming up with the pre-Trib idea
  • They confidently state that Darby consulted a mystic by the name of Margaret MacDonald who told him she’d had a vision about it
  • Supposedly he took that word and ran with it, and the result is what is evident today that we poor shlubs who believe this idea are all demonically deceived
  • Here are several quotes from a document as recently as 2004 that purports to provide the real truth:


The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory, however, is a menacing doctrine that perverts the plain language of the text of the New Testament. Some preachers today look on the doctrine as the heart and core of present Christian expectations in regard to prophetic truth for the near future! Many believe this false teaching is the principle hope of the Body of Christ for their redemption and safety during the Great Tribulation.


First understand that the word “Rapture” is not found in the King James translation. There is also no single word used by biblical authors to describe the prophetic factors that comprise the doctrine.


The modern expression “Rapture” has been invented to explain the overall teaching and the term suits the subject well. The basic tenets of the doctrine are simple. It purports that Christ will come back to this earth in two phases. He will first return secretly to rapture His church away from this world so that they might escape the Great Tribulation to occur at the end of the age.


It may come as a surprise but the doctrine of the Rapture is not mentioned in any Christian writings, of which we have knowledge, until after the year 1830 C.E.

On one particular evening, the power of the Holy Spirit was said to have rested on a Miss Margaret Macdonald while she was ill at home. She was dangerously sick and thought she was dying. In spite of this (or perhaps because she is supposed to have come under the “power” of the spirit) for several successive hours she experienced manifestations of “mingled prophecy and vision.” She found her mind in an altered state and began to experience considerable visionary activity.

The message she received during this prophetic vision convinced her that Christ was going to appear in two stages at His Second Advent, and not a single occasion as most all people formerly believed.

Many people have thought that John Darby, the founder of the Plymouth Brethren, was the originator of the Rapture doctrine. This is not the case.

The fact is, however, John Darby received the knowledge of the doctrine from someone else. His source was Margaret Macdonald.

The truth is, we will be protected from the evils of the Antichrist system (and the judgments of the Great Tribulation) by a mantle of safety from God that will protect us on earth. There is only one Second Advent of Christ and that is the moment (for all of us then living) we will be changed into immortality and the resurrection of the dead takes place. That is when all of us will meet Christ in the clouds.


  • I probably don’t have to tell you who are watching this video about the problems in these several statements
  • Regardless, I’ll mention them in passing:
    • I doubt any of us with a pre-Trib Rapture belief would view it as menacing – rather it’s our Blessed Hope in which we take encouragement
    • No, the word Rapture isn’t found in the KJV translation of the Bible
    • It is however the word derived from the Latin Vulgate translation – namely the Latin word rapturus
    • The Latin has several meanings – some of which are not positive, but the Biblical use certainly is
    • It means an “act of carrying off” or “snatching away”
    • In other words – this is exactly what the Rapture is: Jesus appears in the clouds for His beloved Bride and snatches us away from this unbelieving world which will soon receive the wrath of God in judgment
    • Notice how the author of this article – just as many of like mind do – says that the Rapture occurs secretly
    • This is actually rather astounding
    • Millions of people disappear and that fact is a secret – unknown to anyone
    • Can you imagine?
    • Your believing spouse vanishes right in front of you – an unbeliever – and you obviously can’t believe your lying eyes
    • Then television news, along with the internet, does a big “ho-hum” and doesn’t report any of this
    • I can see them not wanting to report it, but I think the pressure will be so great from the public that the powers-that-be must respond
    • And what will they say?
    • Aliens!
    • Our friends from outer space have done us a great service
    • Those pesky Christians who couldn’t get along with anybody have finally been dealt with!
    • Now we can move forward into the utopia we’ve all dreamed about
    • Secret Rapture! – give me a break
    • All this hogwash about Darby getting his doctrine from MacDonald because nobody ever previously thought that believers might be Raptured prior to Christ’s 2nd Coming is also incredibly foolish
    • Paul’s letters to the church at Thessaloniki addressed the issue because those who were alive wondered about the believing deceased and what would happen to them when the living were Raptured
    • Paul spoke about how Antichrist couldn’t be revealed until the Rapture with the stepping aside of the Holy Spirit
    • Sorry – with no Antichrist there’s no Tribulation and no 2nd Coming
    • These events must happen in sequence for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled
    • The early church fathers also believed in this doctrine
    • It only began to be despised as Catholicism arose and men such as Augustine wrote and spoke against it
    • And then there’s the idea that the church must endure the Tribulation with God protecting throughout
    • Where does that idea come from?
    • There’s nothing Scriptural which backs that notion up
    • A mantle of safety will keep us from harm during God’s wrath as He judges and punishes the unbelieving world?
    • I guess I missed that in reading the Bible the many times that I have
    • I had a guy comment to me one time that as a Christian who believed in post-Trib and was going through the Tribulation, he couldn’t wait
    • He stated that it would be a grand party for believers, and that we would be doing all sorts of supernatural wonders against the forces of darkness
    • If anybody is making something up, it’s these folks
    • Notice also that Israel doesn’t even enter the equation of this no-pre-Trib-Rapture theory
    • That’s a pretty big hole since Israel is the number one reason for the Tribulation
    • Israel must receive final punishment from the Lord and in that process come to saving faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah
    • I’m pretty sure that Israel gets largely lost in the thinking of most post-Tribbers since many of them embrace Replacement Theology, with the church being treated like Israel, i.e. replacing her, in their fantasies


  • Now let’s briefly consider a few other false ideas that are corrupting the church
  • Once more, something I’ve commented on extensively is the worldwide movement of so-called apostles and prophets
  • How they arrive at their thinking is a matter of discussion, however, they believe that God is giving them new revelation beyond what He has already said in His Word
  • Because these men and women are of course chosen by God, they are given the holy task of leading the global church
  • According to their doctrine, all pastors are to be in submission to these self-proclaimed apostles and prophets
  • Thus, there are some of these folks who effectively command hundreds or thousands of churches, with them seen as the leader of final authority
  • So much for being an under shepherd of Christ
  • There’s way too much pride and arrogance in these people for that lowly position
  • Add to this mix the prophecies they utter as supposedly being a word from the Lord
  • The only problem is that many of these never come to pass – but that is overlooked and soon forgotten
  • Never mind that Scripture declares how even one false prophetic word negates such a person from the office of prophet
  • God says He never gave such lying visions to false prophets back in ancient Israel, and I would imagine what is recorded in the Bible concerning those days is true for us now
  • Once more, however, people want their itching ears scratched and will run to and fro seeking a verbal word from God from these charlatans when in reality they should be reading His holy Word
  • This is just as 2 Timothy 4:3 says:


For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions…


  • If those seeking signs, wonders, and a new word for their lives are Christians at all, then again it appears they are extremely milky ones with little depth or maturity


  • We can talk about so many deceptions in the church that cause people to avoid actually reading the Bible to understand what God has said
  • One example is the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
  • If you understand how Young began writing this book, you can see from the start that it’s problematic
  • When the book was first released, Young’s Preface clearly stated that she had gotten the idea from a similarly titled book: God Calling
  • Here is a quick, slightly edited excerpt I found at The Berean Call website from a discussion between Tom McMahan – who worked extensively with Dave Hunt before his death – and Warren Smith, a man who has extensively researched false teachings:


Tom: Now, just give us a few comparisons—just some brief comparisons between God Calling and Jesus Calling.

Warren: God Calling—the New Age language is perhaps more obvious. I think it’s pretty obvious in Jesus Calling, too. But there’s an emphasis on spiritual experience trumping the Word of God. In other words, there’s this value that’s put on experiencing Jesus more than reading the Words of the Bible. And the key thing is that in both books, they both have ways of saying that God is in everyone and everything. And that’s the bottom line of the New Age, new spirituality.

Tom: Sure. That’s pantheism, and/or panentheism, which is paganism.

Warren: Yeah, and there’s a tremendous amount of flattery in both books. In God Calling…

Tom: Flattery to whom?

Warren: Flattery to the reader.

Tom: Right. It’s all about self, isn’t it?

Warren: Yes. And the Jesus of God Calling says that “I need you more than you need me.” Wow! You know…I don’t think so! Maybe in next week’s session we can go through some of the things that “he” says, but a couple of them that really grabbed me is when this “Jesus,” in Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling says:

“I’m aching to hold you in my everlasting arms.”

“When you walk through a day in trusting dependence on me, my aching heart is soothed.”

“As you listen to birds calling to one another, hear also my love call to you.”

Tom: Yeah, Warren, let me interject this. [This is what the NAR movement preaches:] a romantic Jesus…

Warren: So, spiritual experience over the Word of God, and then a real push to get into hearing the voice of God. Almost like if you don’t hear the voice of God, there’s something wrong with you, and I’ve been hearing this a lot from a lot of so-called Christian leaders.


  • From this you can begin to see the problems with Jesus Calling – and that’s not even discussing how Sarah Young received the writings for this book
  • She herself stated in that earlier Preface to the book – which was subsequently changed twice to eliminate this incriminating evidence – that she effectively channeled what she heard and related it through automatic writing
  • In other words, she appears to have been in some kind of a trance, heard this supposed Jesus speaking, and recorded all the words he said without using her conscious mind
  • That earlier preface, by the way, was changed because of the blowback the publisher received by discerning Christians that Sarah Young was conveying New Age philosophies through a mystic, occult experience
  • Despite this, the book has some 22 related books associated with it and at the time of my preparing this Prophecy Update, on Amazon, it was #1 in the Catholicism category (hmmm!) and #2 in the Inspiration and Spirituality category
  • There continues to be much deception in the Christian community regarding these books – be careful!


  • I could go on and on about the way Christians seek enlightenment outside of God’s Word and through experience
  • We have Christian yoga which is supposedly okay because the label has been changed
  • However, the truth is that there is no yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without yoga
  • Christian yoga is just one more means for Satan to draw people away from the Person of Jesus Christ


  • Another popular deception is that of the Enneagram
  • This supposed personality test is very popular in Christian circles
  • It uses nine personality types and attempts to explain who you are based on ancient wisdom
  • There’s the problem
  • This also has occult roots and has been promoted by clearly mystical types who purport to be Christians
  • Here is a quote from an article by Marsha Montenegro – a former, very prominent, New Age astrologer who came to truly know the Lord Jesus Christ:


The Enneagram Institute itself admits that “the philosophy behind the Enneagram contains components from mystical Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, and ancient Greek philosophy (particularly Socrates, Plato, and the Neo-Platonists).”


The reference to Christianity undoubtedly refers to what is sometimes called “mystical” or “esoteric Christianity.” This type of Christianity was often claimed by Gurdjieff and other forerunners of the New Age, and in actuality is a Gnostic (neo-Platonic) distortion of Christianity, not authentic historic Christianity. Gurdjieff, his predecessors in Theosophy [founded by Helena Blavatsky and includes many Hindu-based beliefs] and those who followed the various offshoots of Theosophy and related groups usually referred to themselves as Christians and believed they had discovered the “true” Christianity. Many today who follow New Age and other arcane philosophies will claim to be mystical or esoteric Christians.


The fact that the origin of the Enneagram is spiritual, that its purpose is spiritual, and that it was passed down through teachers of cryptic spiritualities, should clearly indicate that its validity as any sort of tool to understand self or truth is questionable at best.


  • You can read more about this Gnostic-based device as well as more about Christian yoga at the links below


  • Bottom line, what am I trying to convey?
  • The times we live in are extremely treacherous
  • Deception is everywhere and on the rise
  • It has come, and continues to come, at the church from many different directions
  • Because – sadly – few people who claim the Name of Christ actually read the Word of God, they have no armor – no protective insulation – to keep them from believing the doctrines of devils
  • They are ripe and willing targets and ultimately victims of Satan’s end-times push to turn people from the living God
  • Pastors are wolves in sheep’s clothing
  • Seminaries turn out such men and women
  • Worldly pursuits are adopted by the church and have become the new Gospel
  • Instead of holding loosely to the things of the world, the church is digging in deeper and clinging to it with all its might
  • This is what James 4:4 says regarding this:


You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.


  • I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to be seen as an enemy of God
  • This world holds nothing that I want any longer
  • The people trying to mold it in their own image and those who willingly go along are destined for a rude awakening
  • This again is why the pre-Tribulation Rapture is such a blessing
  • Jesus will remove us from this alien place
  • He will take us to His Father’s house
  • The future for this world is dismal
  • Ours is bright
  • It’s okay to be pessimistic about what is to come upon the earth
  • Those who remain after the Rapture have chosen their future by rejecting Christ
  • Jesus has shown us who believe that we are recipients of the greatest, most glorious hope one could ever imagine
  • The Tribulation is almost completely set up with all the pieces in place
  • It will soon overcome this world
  • That means that the Rapture and our coming into the presence of the Lord is just an instant away

7 Responses to “Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 12-14-22: Milky Christians”

  1. Reply RLinAZ

    Carl Lentz (and Hillsong) is where Justin and Hailey Bieber received their discipleship, which pretty much explains everything. I don’t know who Stephen Baldwin, Hailey Bieber’s father, follows but you’d think he’d step in and give them some direction. Obviously I have no knowledge of their situation, so I’m not judging, but going from Lentz to Catholicism is a “fire to frying pan” situation. I join you in praying for them, it seems the Holy Spirit is knocking on their hearts but they aren’t following His lead for whatever reason. Being trapped in the deceptions of celebrity, fame and extreme wealth are tremendously burdensome, they are the most seductive of snares.

    Sarah Young is an occultist. Anyone who studies her sources of inspiration learns they are flat out demonic. I have warned women friends of mine away from her books and am always met with hostility because it makes them “feel so good”. Sigh.

    I just started listened to Dr. Andy Woods youTube series on the book of Revelation. His meticulous detailed study on Rev 3:10 and the Rapture scripturally dispels any wrongheaded notions of a mid or post trib raptures. He thoroughly destroys those positions, I loved it! Here is the link

    I was manipulated into taking an Enneagram in order to go on a mission trip to Israel in 2019 (held by a local church that has since gone woke beyond words). I had only been a Christian for 18 months, so I took their test and read their materials and it felt absolutely wrong to me. It is wrong, wrong, wrong…yuck.

    I gave up yoga practice a few months after I was saved. Learned it was worship poses to Hindu gods, so I’m out.

    I’ve told you about my brushes with Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer.

    By reading my Bible and listening to solid theology teachers, it has become clear that I have been given a rather strong gift of discernment (which I know is not my doing). There are times when I don’t understand why something seems off to me but I honor that intuition and avoid it. Clearly, it is the Holy Spirit and I have learned to implicitly trust His voice. Sometimes it takes a while to understand the why behind His warnings, and likely I won’t know how much He has protected me until we are in Heaven. That’s fine with me, He is God and there is no other. No deception or harm can possibly come from following His lead. (BTW He warned me against the jab and all that was going on with c-19 from the start too.) All praise to the LORD!

    God gives discernment and wisdom to anyone who asks for it, who faithfully reads their Bible and stays in prayer. He freely wants us to access the many gifts He provides, all for His glory. And He has told us we find those things by drawing close to Him in His word and by prayer.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      That’s quite telling, and very interesting, that the church had you take the Enneagram. What were they hoping to find by doing that – whether you should even go or not?

      BTW – I’ve had some comments that my recent audio has some problems. Have you noticed? I’m working to fix it, so hopefully after next week, things will be better.

      • Reply RLinAZ

        The enneagram was to “help us understand each other better and reduce possible conflicts”. Sounds rather sinster in light of all that has happened since Jan 2020 eh?! Such rubbish. None of us ‘used’ what we learned, it’s hocus pocus.

        No issues on the audio on my side :).


        • Reply Gary Ritter

          Glad the audio issues some experienced wasn’t universal.

          Yeah, the vaxxers and non-vaxxers have learned much about each other and we’re so at peace!

          • RLinAZ

            It’s amazing how well we’ve come together through adversity.

            Peace and safety…

  2. Reply Pamela P.

    Thanks Gary for this latest from you. A blessing! And a confirmation to me of what I am increasingly becoming sickened, and saddened by: the ignorance of the Word of God of so many in the Body of Christ. Many have attended church every week for years and trusted the man or woman in the pulpit to do what they should have been doing all along: seeking God for themselves in His Word, and learning to hide it in their hearts so they might not sin against Him. The ignorance of so many is astonishing to me. And this ignorance is responsible for so much of the corruption and devastation we are witnessing within the Church.
    The Word of God IS the voice of God. Jesus IS the Word, and the Word IS Jesus! If we truly want to hear our God speaking to us, then the only safe way to hear Him speak is through His Word. Especially now, when deception is so rampant.
    BTW: the ministry of the prophet under the New Covenant is not the same at all as the ministry of the OT prophet. The people of their day were not born again and therefore did not have the Holy Spirit in them to reveal God’s Word to them. The only access they had to God was through the prophet, priest or king, when the Holy Spirit would come upon those for ministry. The ministry of the prophet under the New Covenant is for edification, exhortation, and/or comfort. NEVER To foretell the future! We have the written Word for that. But so many would rather run after so-called prophets because they have itching ears and are too lazy to get into the Word for themselves. Very sad – and dangerous!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Yes, agreed. These men and women who assume the title of an office that isn’t theirs are asking for trouble – and sadly will probably get it.

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