Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-17-21 – It’s Worse Than You Think

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-17-21 – It’s Worse Than You Think – Sorceries & Human Souls

Well, here I am again, the purveyor of doom and gloom for the unbelieving world, but the messenger of glad tidings and Good News for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In the days of the prophets in ancient Israel – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others – the message from God they brought was hard, and not well received.  These men proclaimed God’s judgment upon a rebellious and disobedient people who didn’t want to hear it.  The people were righteous in their own eyes.  Everyone in that day – if asked if he was a good person – probably would have said YES.  That being the case, for Israelites to be told they were stiff-necked and an abomination to God – by these crazy men with long stringy hair, who wore scratchy goatskin clothes, and ate locusts for breakfast – was probably a non-starter.  The only problem was that the men who spoke for God were telling the truth, whereas the people they spoke to were living a lie.

It takes some doing these days for someone to convince himself that things in the world will turn out all right, but many work hard at it and assure themselves through many lies that it will be.  Despite the witness before our very eyes, which reveals that the world is NOT okay, human nature desperately wants it to be.  The media proclaim normalcy is just around the corner.  The government says we only have to sacrifice a little more, and things will get better.  Churches preach portions of the Bible and ignore those parts that make their people uncomfortable, so the places that should understand the times are as ignorant as the pagan masses.

Despite evidence to the contrary, wickedness revealed at the highest levels continues to be called conspiracy theory.  When evil is exposed, those who pull back the curtain are the ones punished.  There are only a very few of us who echo the Word of God that Jesus is coming soon.  We’re usually laughed at or called demonic for saying such a thing.  Adding that the unbelieving world will shortly plunge into the greatest time of horror ever known, and that spiritual darkness with unparalleled deception will reign and bring a terrible end to humanity, unfortunately tends to turn people off.   When these things are communicated, the common response is fear first, then the unfounded hope that a Great Awakening will reverse all the momentum of the avalanche that is crashing down the mountain as the earth reaches its final end.  No one wants to believe that a loving God – if He exists at all – would take such drastic measures against mankind.  That’s certainly not the Jesus most people know.  They say, “That’s not MY Jesus!”  None of this can be true.  One way or another, the world will recover and we’ll go on as before.

That’s what Israel thought as well in the final days before God had had enough.

In no way do I compare myself with the holy prophets of Israel, but I can read.  God’s prophetic Word is clear.  We have reached the end of the line.  The abomination and depravity throughout the earth is no different from ancient times when God declared His intent to bring down righteous judgment.  Because we don’t want to see, we hide our eyes.  But there are two primary issues that prevail throughout every culture and society.  They are the same ones that brought destruction in the past.  No one wants to acknowledge it, but the world – because of these two issues – is worse than you think.  Soon God will exact a very steep price because of them.


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