Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 10-5-22: Super-Rich Prepping for Apocalypse

Concern for troubling times to come has been a theme of the super-rich for a number of years.  For the most part the extraordinarily wealthy seem to have ascended to their elite status by a combination of hard work and supernatural assistance.  I’ve speculated previously in my Prophecy Update on Young Global Leaders (linked on Rumble) that few men and women in the upper echelons of the rich and famous got there solely under their own power.  I firmly believe they have literally made a deal with the devil and sold their souls to him in order to achieve the fabulous life in this world that they seek – whether it be money, fame, or power.

I’ve talked often on this platform of the global elites who – in league with Satan and his minions – are doing all in their power to move into a state of existence they call Humanity 2.0, which is a merging of man and machine.  This is also called the Singularity, where artificial intelligence (AI) transcends human intelligence and erases the borders between humanity and computers, and men merge into this networked, eternal utopia.  This is the long-sought after Fountain of Youth and the ideal of living forever without the need for God.  Man becomes God, just as Satan enticed Eve to believe in the Garden by eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The super-rich are hoping for this soon-coming integration to happen in their lifetimes.  But they also know that trouble is brewing in the world – largely because of their own doing in contradiction to following God’s ways.  Please see my Prophecy Update of Engineered Climate Catastrophe (linked below) for more details.  These wealthy individuals see extremely difficult times ahead and are preparing for them.  Because of a rash of articles lately on this topic, I thought I’d bring out slides that I previously showed a couple years ago which graphically illustrate what these wealthy elites plan to do.  I’ll use that as a springboard to update you on current thinking by the super-rich and discuss the futility of these efforts as men struggle against God.



Slide presentation:

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 10-5-22 Super Rich Prepping

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  1. Reply RobinL

    Thank you Gary for the time and effort you devote to your updates!

    The stories about the ultra-wealthy and their prepping would be entertaining, if not so pitiful. There is NO scenario that is going to save them from the 6th Seal Judgment, we know that but they are blind. It is tragic seeing their schemes and plans in their futile fight against our Holy Creator.

    My question always comes back to, “Who wants to survive nuclear war, famine, plagues, running from wild animals and reptiles, only to emerge from a bunker to discover the waters have been poisoned, the plant life has been destroyed, and the sun will eventually burn you to a crisp?! Not to mention the eternally damning choice of taking the Mark of the Beast. SERIOUSLY?!” I can answer the question, which is “People who don’t know the Lord and have no other hope, that’s who.”

    Yes, I have enough food and water to carry me through if we have a short-term emergency, something I believe every American should do if they are able. (One only needs to look to Hurricane Ian to see that we may be here from some pretty rough experiences before the Rapture.) But my supply isn’t remotely enough to survive an apocalypse. And certainly not for the survival of the Tribulation! The ignorance of what is surely coming shows how ill-informed the secular population (and weak) Christians actually are today.

    God has soundly warned us so we would KNOW there is no preparation or escape except through he gift He has provided in His Son, Jesus Christ. I tell people it is like we are trapped in a rat maze that has no escape. When that experiment is conducted on the poor rodants they go mad, and attack one another and kill themselves in a frenzy trying to get out. (The fate awaiting these ultra preppers I’m afraid.) It’s true for us too UNLESS we accept the one escape provided, which is not horizontal, it is vertical and it is through our Lord and SAVIOR, Jesus Christ. Praise His holy name!
    Maranatha indeed!

    P.S. Such a sad state of affairs for Pastor JD and Amir, division where there should be none, and pride overriding all. Satan is pleased.

  2. Reply Robin McCann

    Hi, Gary

    You said that the wealthy do not believe in God. I disagree
    The wealthy elite know who the only living God is and they know He had a Son who died on a cross for even their sins, but because of their wealth, they decided that they don’t need God.

    Here is a copy of my fb post. Let me know what you think…

    Okay, there’s a little something I need to get off my chest regarding God’s commandment to love our enemies. Matt. 5:44 & Luke 6:27.
    The enemies in the time of Jesus were nothing like the enemies today. The enemies back then were little more than your local neighborhood bullies who did not know who Jesus was, even with all the miracles He showed them, they refused to believe, and while a local bully may be our enemy, it doesn’t make him God’s enemy. He can still receive Christ as Savior.
    Now, here’s the huge difference in today’s enemies…
    They are those who know who the only living God is, they know He had a Son who died on a cruel cross for even their sins and rose from the grave, yet they not only reject Him, they are in full on rebellion against Him. This would have to make them enemies of God.
    These people are global elites and ALL of their little minnions, all over the world who are destroying the world with the greatest of intention. And, as of late, wide open Satan worship. They are not hiding it anymore.
    Herein lies my issue… To me, to love these enemies is the equivalent to loving Satan himself. May God forgive me, but I CANNOT DO IT!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      You’re probably right, Robin. It’s like the professor in God’s Not Dead: “I don’t believe in God, and I hate Him!”

      We’ve certainly come a long way, as you say, as to what God’s enemies think and what they plan for a future without Him.

      I guess as to loving-hating our enemies, even though they embrace Satan and his ways, they aren’t him. As foul as they may be, I don’t know that God makes a distinction for us: they may be (and probably are) the worst of the worst in all of history, but God still says to pray for them. Yes, they’re definitely our enemies and we don’t have to like them, but God being God, we never know what He might do as a result of our prayers. So, I would just consider that, because even though they are our enemies, if we don’t pray for them, we may develop a bitterness toward them that becomes a stumbling block for us. There are enough of those around that we don’t need another one in our lives!

  3. Reply Robin McCann

    Also, while the wealthy have their fancy bunkers, they are not considering what an earth quake can do, and God will destroy the earth with many of them. Just sayin’

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