Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 10-20-21: Biden’s Dark Winter Is Upon Us

Ten months ago on December 11, 2020 I did a Prophecy Update on Joe Biden’s Dark Winter. During the class in which I spoke of this, I reminded folks how Biden, in an election debate with Donald Trump, and then subsequently in several of Biden’s so-called rallies, warned that a Dark Winter was coming. At that time, no one knew how that might play out, but the fact that Biden continued to speak of it as a coming event certainly could not be dismissed. The Left inevitably telegraphs what they intend to do. They like to brag about things they plan, because they know that the media will never call them on those things, and that the Right is basically useless in combating what they implement. So they feel free in openly letting the future cat out of the bag long before their plan comes to fruition.

Dark Winter did not happen during the early months of 2021 as some thought it might. The stage hadn’t yet been set. However, now that the Biden Regime has had most of this year to destroy our freedoms in America and make an excellent start on destroying America itself, I think we’re at the point that the Left will unleash their Dark Winter plans.

We’ve seen how the Biden Regime has destroyed trust in America through the planned Afghanistan debacle, and through its various decrees, our economy is in shambles with ominous overtones for the coming winter months.

One of the reactions they might not have anticipated was the gathering resistance to vaccine mandates. Just like in other nations around the world, Americans are getting uppity with a large number of people pushing back and refusing to take the jab. The Left has chosen now as the time to make its move to bring America down and to initiate their long-dreamed-of One World Government.



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