Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 1-19-22: They Want the Souls of Your Children

The global elites are not content to corrupt young minds and hearts with the plague of looking at the world through a racist lens using Critical Race Theory as the infecting agent.  They aren’t happy having children immersed in the fear of Climate Change hysteria.  In fact, even with mask mandates, lockdowns, and remote learning requirements, the Deep Staters and One Worlders haven’t satisfied their inner dictator with kids.  No, they have a much more devious plan to destroy this generation.

Corey Lynn at Corey’s Digs has released an extensive 9-part series examining the 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults.  It explores the wide-ranging program for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that is embedded in the curricula of all schools these days, and which, as the title of Corey’s articles states, is meant to bring about total psychological control for very young children all the way to adulthood.  All children in all public schools are subject to this brainwashing effort.

An integral part of Social Emotional Learning is the spiritual aspect of it through an initiative called the Collaborative for Spirituality in Education (CSE).  This was the part that caught my eye, and I want to outline a little bit for you today what is involved in this spirituality education of children.

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