Audio Biblical Commentary – Ds & Rs Promoting & Condoning Sin

Audio Biblical Commentary – Ds & Rs Promoting & Condoning Sin



Because what I’m going to say here is never spoken from the pulpit, I know it’s going to anger a bunch of people.  Well, truth is like that.

I won’t leave you in suspense.  Because of what the Democrat Party in this nation stands for, I believe that anyone who calls himself a Christian commits a grievous sin by being a part of and supporting this political party.

Now, that’s not to say that the Republican Party isn’t extremely problematic as well, but overall if someone chooses to identify with one of these parties, Republican should be it.

How are we doing?  How many of you are raging at me and burning up in your irritation?  If you can tamp that down for a couple minutes, I’ll explain why I make such statements that are infuriating you so much.

We’ll consider the Democrat Party first.  With any person or entity, we need to carefully consider what they say and what they do.  Biblically, it’s called fruit.  If you look at the Party Platform of the Democrats, it’s full of high-minded and uplifting words as to how they will create a better America for all people.  But, what does this really mean?  Under their section titled Healing the Soul of America, they discuss Protecting Women’s Rights and Protecting LGBTQ+ Rights.  From those two sections, here are some quotes:

Like the majority of Americans, Democrats believe every woman should be able to access high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.

 We will work to ensure LGBTQ+ people are not discriminated against when seeking to adopt or foster children . . .

 Recognizing that LGBTQ+ youth and adults suffer from significant health disparities, including mental health and substance use disorders, Democrats will expand mental health and suicide prevention services, and ban harmful “conversion therapy” practices.

From the highest branches of government in our land, in both the Executive and Legislative Branches – and often in the Judicial Branch – Democrats work toward these goals.  We have only to see the Executive Orders coming from the White House and the bills that emerge from Congress to see that the Democrats are fully committed to achieving the ends that they declare:

  • They fully support abortion up to and even beyond the birth of a child.
  • They seek to confuse and harm children by indoctrinating them into a lifestyle completely opposed to God’s will by having them live with people who have rejected God in their lives.
  • They intend to prevent children from learning their true identity as God made them and will pursue any means necessary to achieve gender dysphoria in these innocent ones.

Yet, anyone who has read the Bible and knows the will of God in respect to these ideals fully understands how anti-God they are.  In fact, they are sin, and grievous sin at that.  By the declaration of their intent to accomplish these objectives, and by their works in making them a reality, the Democrat Party is a purveyor of sin.

Here is what Romans 6:13 tells us in this regard:

Do not present your members to sin as instruments for unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and your members to God as instruments for righteousness.

In other words, as believers we are not to have anything to do with sin.  However, what we see in word and deed is that in these critical points in their Party Platform the Democrats stand for and promote sin.  Not only that, but their party leadership enforces this perverse ideology upon all its members so that they vote in lockstep against that which is of God.  Very simply: If you vote for a Democrat for any elected office, you are siding with them in their advocacy for sin and all that entails.

Paul is very clear in 1 Timothy 5:22 that we are not to participate in the sins of others:

Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.

To do so is to enable that sin and to promote it.

All this being true, how in the world can a professing Christian identify with such a depraved group of people and consider himself a Democrat?  That’s the last thing someone who is a Christ-follower should do or want to do.  Remember that sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2) and is that which is done outside of faith (Romans 14:23).

What about the Republican Party Platform?  At least on the surface, the Republican Party maintains a conservative, generally Christian perspective.  On paper it opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, along with other LGBT and transgender abominations.  At the very least, if a Christian is involved in the political process of voting or running for office, being part of the Republican Party isn’t yoking oneself with an explicit anti-God agenda.

Now, we know that there are far too many Republicans that do not truly stand for Godly principles.  That’s one of several reasons our nation is on the verge of judgment.  Enough Republicans condone sin by siding with Democrats on abortion or LGBT issues that we cannot say that this is party on God’s side.

If one condones a sinful practice, that certainly doesn’t rise to the iniquity of promoting sin, but it does treat or regard it as acceptable.  Such a stand doesn’t sit well with God either.

I stated at the outset that pastors simply don’t convey a message like this.  There are enough Democrats in most churches that if something like this was said, they’d probably leave in droves – unless, that is, the Holy Spirit convicted them of the sin of association and, in a sense, being yoked to unbelievers who practice sin like they drink water.

If we truly follow the Lord Jesus Christ, we should not want the stain of sin anywhere near us.  God abhors it and wants us to flee from it.  We should be very careful with whom we keep company.  Minimally, it will affect the crowns we receive as believers, and at the worst could cause us to even abandon the faith.  We should choose our companions wisely.

9 Responses to “Audio Biblical Commentary – Ds & Rs Promoting & Condoning Sin”

  1. Reply GaryW

    Loved the article. The truth should be spoken without fear especially when it concerns the spiritual battle between God and Satan. We no longer live in times when men simply disagreed with other men. It is now spiritual since Satan sees his time slipping away. The demo/globalists are controlled by Satan and it is obvious. It is unbelievable how sinful America has become. The people who support murdering babies, living a life of degradation, mutilating children are boasting about it as if they are proud of what they are doing. This article should be read in all churches that call themselves Bible believing churches.

  2. Reply Robin McCann

    I am sorry, but it is absolutely not possible for a Christian to be in politics. Here’s why…
    Their faith would be way too compromised. Everyone who goes into politics does so with the intent to gain a seat of power (to make a so-called difference). To get that seat, one must lie, a lot. I found that out when I voted for all the repugnants in the 2014 midterms whose sole campaign promise was to repeal and replace all things Obama. What did they do after they won? They jumped in line behind him.

    To keep that seat of power, they must do some more lying, but this time, do a little wicked appeasing also, tweek the demoncrat policies to make them more… Acceptable.

    Also, am I the only one who noticed that all the attacks and accusations at Trump, none of them touched the ‘Christian’ Mike Pence? Yeah, I saw that too.

    I just laid out the reason why I am correct. The burden is on anyone else to prove me wrong.
    Something I also believe to be impossible.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Sadly you’re right. It’s seems to be very difficult for Christians in politics to not be compromised and to maintain their Christian witness.

  3. Reply Kim

    Spot on Gary! This needs to be addressed much more than it is and I thank you for speaking about it. The Republican Party has a lot to be ashamed of themselves, but the Democrats are taking evil to higher and higher levels and they are proud of it! Their absolute lust for the murder of babies and poisoning, grooming and mutilating all ages of children and their pure hatred of anything of biblical value are only a few of the twisted things they support. These things alone should make anyone in their right mind completely reject the Party of Death. I feel many who still vote Democrat at this point, are complete reprobates and/or demonically controlled. I don’t believe anyone who supports this hateful party could truly be Born Again.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Kim, I’ve asked myself that question many times: Is it really possible for them to be born-again? If so, such a person must be just on the edge of salvation and totally lacking any wisdom or discernment.

      • Reply Kim

        Yes, that’s a very good point. God is so merciful and long suffering and anything is possible with him!

  4. Reply Jim Eastman

    Gary, I totally agree. I have several friends who profess to be Christians and yet are Democrats. They dont see the harm in abortion because it keeps the world population down or they cite incest and rape. It doesnt matter to them that over 90% of abortions are performed out of convienence. It doesnt compute? Many Republicans are sometimes worse because they play both sides. Jesus take me home!

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      One does have to wonder about the true state of their souls. Good thing God gets to make that determination since He sees the inner person and we only see the outside.

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