Another Prescient Storied Prediction

Another Prescient Storied Prediction


A month ago, I posted on this blog a story from Fox News about the current rage of some individuals – who are deeply unhappy – to become transabled, i.e. they chop off one of their body parts, or worse, in their quest for wholeness and happiness.  In this prior post titled Prescient, I noted that I had written a short story back in 2015 that I then incorporated into a volume of similar fiction as part of an ongoing writing challenge contest with Faithwriters.  My story was indeed prescient in the sense that something I saw in the news at that time, I took to the extreme in writing about.  Of course, I can never take true credit for any of my efforts; I owe all I have and do to God.  Where I fail, that’s not on Him; it’s simply because I’m human and inhabit sinful flesh.

Well, I hate to say it, but another of my prior Faithwriters’ stories has come very close to fruition in our current culture.  A friend sent me an email from The Matt Walsh Report ( titled Killing Clowns and Harvesting Organs.  I wanted to simply insert the link here, but I’m unable to do that.  So that you can understand the depth of this issue, I’m attaching the entire email article.  Once you read it, you’ll then come to another prescient story titled Cocktail that I wrote in 2015 effectively on this same topic.  We can ask the question: When does this next step become reality?



Killing Clowns & Harvesting Organs

Matt Walsh

Imagine that a doctor is sitting across the table from you. You’re just meeting this doctor for the first time. You’re not sure whether she’s a good doctor, or a bad doctor. You can’t tell if she has any morals or not. You’re assessing things. And then the doctor tells you about one of the highlights of her year. With a smile on her face, she starts talking about one time, a few months ago, when she killed a clown. We’re talking about a man dressed in full clown uniform, with a red nose, who was giggling when he died. “It was really important for him to be in his clown suit when he died,” the doctor says to you. “It was a wonderful thing.”

At a basic, human level, how would you react to that scenario? Would you run out of the doctor’s office and call the police? Or would you congratulate the doctor, because you’re also a murderer who hates clowns? What would you do?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what’s with all the hypothetical questions. As it happens, if you live in Canada, it’s not a hypothetical at all. Meet Doctor Stefanie Green. She’s one of the country’s leading physicians in the area of “Medical Assistance in Dying,” or MAID. And she recently sat down for an interview in which she talks about the one time she deliberately killed a clown. Watch the interviewer ask her about it, and listen to her response. Notice the grins on these people’s faces as they describe the death of this clown:

That’s one of the creepiest videos you’ll ever see — and it’s the cutting edge of state-run medicine in Canada. They are killing people and celebrating it.

Before we get into this, let’s review a few things. First, in Canada, doctors don’t just execute the terminally ill, as awful as that alone would be. Thanks to a recent court decision and a new law in Canada, doctors can kill pretty much anyone. Watch the creepy clown-killing doctor explain the standard of care that determines who is eligible for execution:

[Same link as above]

A “trajectory towards death” is already an incredibly permissive standard for euthanasia, given the fact that we as mortal creatures are all on a trajectory towards death. But even that vague limitation has been lifted. Now there’s basically no limitation at all.

That’s why last year, a Canadian doctor named Joshua Tapper was able to authorize the killing of a 23-year old named Kiano. Why? According to the substack “Common Sense,” Kiano was “depressed, he was diabetic, and he had lost vision in one eye.” On top of that, he “didn’t have a girlfriend.” On those grounds alone, the doctor authorized the state to kill Kiano.

There are many more stories like this. There’s Amir Farsoud, who was approved for MAID because he was homeless. There’s the army veteran Christine Gauthier, who was told by the Canadian government to consider euthanasia rather than endure the wait for a stair lift in her home.

This is eugenics. It’s the kind of thing the medical community thought long and hard about after World War II. Doctors wondered, “How do we make sure medicine is never again used to kill the weakest and least desirable members of society?” Doctors no longer ask that question. Eugenics is making a comeback. Why is that?

If you look at this as a purely political issue, it makes sense. Several years ago, Canadian politicians realized that they had a big problem. The healthcare system, which they run, wasn’t able to keep up with the need for organ donors. That was a big political problem. Thousands of people were dying waiting for transplants. So the government set out to find new ways to get more organs. That’s when they passed the first law legalizing euthanasia.

Canadian media drew the connection immediately. Here’s a headline from the Ottawa Citizen in 2020, a few years after MAID was legalized. Quote: “Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario.” Very quickly, Canada became the world’s leader in harvesting organs from MAID victims. According to the American Journal of Transplantation, Doctors in Canada performed almost half of the world’s organ transplants from MAID in the last half-decade. Ontario sets new records for organ donations every year. So that’s one political problem solved. Just like China harvests organs from prisoners; Canada harvests them from homeless people and the elderly.

Euthanasia also solves financial problems. Back in 2017, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran an article raving about all of the money the country could save by simply killing sick people outright: “New research suggests medically assisted dying could result in substantial savings across Canada’s health-care system. Doctor-assisted death could reduce annual health-care spending across the country by between $34.7 million and $136.8 million… The savings exceedingly outweigh the estimated $1.5 to $14.8 million in direct costs associated with implementing medically assisted dying.”

The article goes on to explain that it’s very expensive to provide medical care to sick people and elderly people. The more frugal option is to give them a lethal injection. Who cares about human life anyway when there’s money to be saved — and money to be made. The euthanasia industry is booming in Canada, with entrepreneurs finding new and creative ways to get in on the action. As the CBC excitedly reported, funeral homes are expanding their brands to include “medical assistance in dying.” Customers can now take advantage of the luxury, full service option. Instead of going to a funeral home after you die, you can go there to die. Think of the convenience:

To increase efficiency maybe they can even allow you to commit suicide while laying in your casket. Saving time, saving money, and making money. That’s what eugenics has always been about.

But that’s obviously not the entire explanation for what we’re seeing. Every country has evil politicians who would kill innocent people for power. But Canada has much bigger problems. And its main problem is that it’s a godless hellhole — one that’s so far gone, the prime minister makes excuses for church burnings. Canadians don’t believe in God anymore, at least not in the traditional sense. They believe they are gods. They think they can change their sex just by wishing for it. God doesn’t choose whether you’re male or female; you get to choose it — and you can change your sex in literally an instant. That’s what they seriously believe. So it’s only natural that a society like that would gradually assume more godlike powers, including the power to decide who dies, and when they die.

And just like with gender ideology, MAID is becoming a social media cult in Canada. Kids with obvious mental problems are posting TikToks with captions like, “Things my parents have had to come to terms with: Their child choosing medical assistance in dying.”

Your first reaction, if you’re a sane human being, is that whoever that is, some sort of mental health intervention is necessary. But very quickly that’s becoming the minority position. There are 26,000 likes on that post. By the way, that girl, who just yesterday set her TikTok account to private, has posted many times about her intention to take advantage of the MAID program. She says that she has a chronic medical condition — note, not terminal but chronic — and she also says that she has three “incurable personality disorders.” To be clear, doctors are going to kill this girl because, in part, her personality is disordered. There’s many more social media posts like that. Here’s a video of a woman celebrating that a physician is about to kill her grandmother. Watch:

Are you excited, grandma, about your suicide? That was the question. This is about as dark as it gets. And again these are not one-off videos. Millions of people support this, and not just on social media. More than 25 percent of Canadians now believe the homeless and the poor should be able to access MAID. Nearly half of respondents think mental illness should be a justification for euthanasia. That’s about to be the law in Canada; it’s expected to be implemented in one year. NPR would like to see that happen. They just ran a segment on someone named John Scully, who wants to die. Listen:

Ah, they just need to figure out which mental illnesses are “incurable,” so that they’ll know which ones should be “cured” with suicide. This will be a reality soon enough. Suicide offered as a treatment for mental illness. It used to be that you would go to a therapist to help you not kill yourself. In Canada, very soon, it may work the other way. And when you consider that 20 percent of adults supposedly have a mental illness, according to the people who are in charge of determining these things anyway, you begin to see how bleak this picture really is. If mental illness is a legitimate reason to execute someone, pretty soon we’ll all be eligible.

Now, it’s been easy for many people in this country to ignore MAID because for the most part, it’s happening in Canada. But euthanasia is growing in popularity here too. In fact, just this month the U.S. got it’s very first “suicide tourism” state. The Republican governor of Vermont signed a bill allowing euthanasia customers to come from anywhere in the country to be killed. As always, culturally, we are on the same track and the same train as Canada, heading over the same cliff. We’re just a few train cars back.

As I said on Twitter the other day, I should not have to explain why it’s bad for doctors to put human beings down like dogs. This is something everyone should understand intuitively. Whatever you think of suicide — and if you have a soul then what you think of suicide is that it’s bad, and we should try to stop people from doing it — the point with euthanasia is that doctors are prescribing death as a treatment. It is a total inversion of the medical field. It is medicine doing literally the exact opposite of what it is meant to do. But medicine has been inverted in this way in our society for a long time. Euthanasia is just the latest iteration.

Some of us have noticed this trend. Some of us — the so-called “social conservatives” — have been screaming about it from the rooftops, and we have been right all along. We have been right on every major cultural issue, from abortion to gay marriage to gender ideology. And we’re right on this too. Euthanasia is a dystopian abomination, a war on human life. It is a cancer, and like any cancer, it will never stay contained. It will always spread. It starts with euthanasia for the terminally ill, and quickly it becomes euthanasia for 19-year-old girls with personality disorders. This is inevitable. It will always be this way. If you accept “medical assistance in dying” in principle, you are accepting everything that comes with it, and everywhere that it leads.

How long until MAID is mandatory for certain undesirable populations in Canada? How long until it’s mandatory here? You can laugh at that slippery slope hypothetical if you want. But the thing about slippery slope hypotheticals is that, these days, they have a funny habit of coming true. [End]


The following short story is part of a volume of collected works in Zapped! Omnibus:



Gary W. Ritter


Challenge topic: Mix

It’s such a blessing when the government is responsive to our every want and need.


The government’s rollout of the service began in early December.  That made a lot of sense because most suicides take place during the holidays.  I had applied to the program and was excited to be among those chosen for the honor of helping people in such an important aspect of their life.

Officials had thought long and hard about what to name the vehicles.  They decided not to call them suicide buses; that would’ve been a trifle gauche.  Instead they plastered “Euthanasia Bus” on front, side, and back – big red letters on a black background.  That made me slightly uneasy.  If they’d shown blood dripping from each letter they could have easily gone back to their original naming idea.  It took a while getting used to driving one of those big black buses.  Just the sight creeped me out.

But the money was good and I knew how appreciative my clients would be.  My bus was among hundreds deployed in cities around the country.  All the driver/technicians such as myself were specially trained.  The program required us to become certified EMTs plus get a commercial license to drive the vehicles.  After two months of medical and driver training we pulled out from the garage that cold morning ready to make a difference.

My route took me near an area of town near retirement communities and nursing homes.  I pulled up outside one such building and waited.  The brain trust behind our service had been advertising for months, announcing the coming of the Euthanasia Bus “to a street near you.”  The feedback our government agency received was largely positive.  For years more and more people had desired an easy way out of the cares and concerns of life.  They were sick or old or simply tired of the rat race.  The government finally determined to take positive steps and meet the demand in the marketplace.

Of course some small number of dissident groups opposed the concept, mostly Christians and the like.  They squealed about sanctity of life and claptrap about God giving purpose and meaning to all people regardless of their circumstances.  In their wisdom our government leaders turned a deaf ear to that nonsense and the program moved forward.

That first day a couple of people stuck their heads inside the bus checking out what we were all about; no clients, though.  It took a week for my first intervention.  Parked where I was I’d expected my initial one to be some old person; instead a pretty woman in her twenties demanded, “Work your magic on me.”

I was a little surprised, but hey, I just worked there, and had her recline in the Lazy Boy.  While mixing the chemical cocktail that would end her life I casually asked, “What brings you here?”

“I broke up with my longtime boyfriend this morning.  I’ve had enough.”

Being well trained as I was, I said, “Sorry to hear that.  I can help you.”

She began crying.  “It was awful.  I’m so glad you’re here.  I needed a sympathetic ear.”

“Uh huh,” I said, as I finished adding the final ingredient of my concoction.  I unwrapped a syringe and filled it by slowly pulling back the plunger.  The day-glow green mixture held a certain fascination with the young lady.  Her eyes widened as I came near the chair.

“This is for real, isn’t it?”

“It’s what we’re all about.  You ready?”

The constricting band was in place; the veins on her arm were good.  I inserted the needle and emptied the deadly stew.  Soothing music played in the background.  Outside the darkened windows of the bus, a few snowflakes swirled about.

She didn’t notice.  Her chest rose and fell with her gentle breathing.  Suddenly, she tensed and struggled to sit up, her eyes popping open in fear.  “What am I doing?  Wait!  Stop!  I don’t want to go through with this!”

“Everything’s all right,” I said, my voice calm and soothing as I’d been instructed.

“Something’s not right!  I…”

It pleased me that she expired without pain.  My stomach lurched a tad when she fought the procedure, but that settled down as she sank into death.

I was proud.  My first client.

She slid easily into the storage locker and I tidied up.  Taking a deep breath I steadied my beating heart and overactive conscience.  For some reason I felt a pang of guilt.  No problem.  It quickly vanished with the next customer.


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  1. Reply GaryW

    Sometimes I feel like I’m in a movie where the main character is caught in a nightmare and can’t wake up. It’s becoming more difficult to wrap one’s mind around such atrocities. My wife and I have been to 4 provinces in Canada. We saw much beautiful scenery. I wouldn’t go there now out of fear of having an accident or illness and be taken to one of their hospitals. They might find a hangnail on my big toe and all jump for a syringe filled with poison; all the while laughing and joking. Forget the hangnail. I’m 81. They would kill me because I am now useless. Except for my organs and that’s only because of the money to be had.
    God has to be at the end of His tolerance and patience. How it must sadden Him to see his children performing the evil acts of Satan so joyfully.

  2. Reply Pamela P

    I live in Canada, and this is all very real! As I write this I am expecting to receive a phone call from my sister who is losing her “partner” of 31 years to Maid. They are lesbians, as well as buddhists, and not open to the Gospel, in fact vehemently opposed to it. I truly love my sister and her partner, who has terminal ALS. All I can do is weep and pray that somehow, some way, this woman, whom Jesus lives so very much, will call out to Him at the end. The whole thing horrifies me.
    My husband read recently that Maid killed over 10,000 people last year alone in 2022.

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