America Likely Not Commercial Babylon

As usual, I’m a little late to the game discussing the possibility of America being – or not being – Commercial Babylon, which Revelation 18 states will be destroyed in an almost instantaneous move of God.  My friend Terry James recently published the chapter discussing this from a book he wrote a couple years ago.  The name of the article is America: Babylon’s Mirror Image.  In this well-reasoned piece Terry answers the question of whether America is in the Bible as the Babylon described in this dramatic passage by saying, “Perhaps.”  There are certainly pros and cons to this issue, and I thought I’d weigh in to give my perspective.

In Revelation 18:8,10,17 we see the relevant description of Babylon being laid waste:

“For this reason her plagues will come in a single day,
death and mourning and famine,
and she will be burned up with fire;
for mighty is the Lord God who has judged her.”

 “Alas! Alas! You great city,
you mighty city, Babylon!
For in a single hour your judgment has come.”

“For in a single hour all this wealth has been laid waste.”

In a previous offering, I’ve argued that commercial Babylon portrayed here is the rebuilt literal Babylon from ancient days, primarily because John’s revelation echoes the prophecy of Isaiah, which was certainly pointing at that physical city.  In addition, the necessary destruction of Babylon in order to punish the demonic entities inhabiting it has never occurred.  So, right up front, you know where my bias lies in this regard.

However, let’s set that aside for a moment and consider the thesis that suggests America may in some manner be the “Babylon” referred to in the Bible’s last book.  The two questions we need to explore briefly are:

  1. Why could America be the target for the Revelation prophecy?
  2. Why is it unlikely that our nation is the Babylon pointed to as being destroyed in one day, i.e. a single hour?

We can also ask – as an aside: Why does it matter?  That’s actually quite pertinent given the dearth of Bible prophecy teaching today and the absence of its warnings to those blithely walking around both saved and unsaved.


Why could America be the target for the Revelation prophecy?

One of the most relevant answers to this question is the description of Babylon as a commercial center in which the kings of the earth have grown wealthy.  America has been the engine of economic growth for many years and has produced numerous millionaires, plus not a few billionaires.  Many of these people are highly influential because they’re so rich.  They could certainly be called kings in this regard.

The luxury that we as a nation enjoy is the envy of the world.  We’ve had lives that others can only dream about.  Is it any wonder so many people have desired to come to our shores?  However, this has resulted in a debauched lifestyle – one full of iniquities and abominations that indeed have been heaped high to the heavens.  Our sins have been a stench in God’s nostrils.  We’ve filled our cup to overflowing with poison that surely soon we’ll have to consume if God can be considered just and righteous.

We’ve traded with the world, fed it, evangelized it, and clothed ourselves in return with every kind of comfort imaginable, saying for our efforts, “Why do we need God?  What has He ever done for us?”  Our turning away from Him and indulging in every anti-God activity under the sun has actually kindled the fire of the funeral dirge.  Can it be long before we go up in smoke and vanish from the earth?

Given all this, comparing us to Babylon and her sudden destruction doesn’t seem like a stretch.  Our nation is everything that is described in Revelation that is worthy of God’s wrath in a single hour.

And yet, there are significant problems in equating America with this future city.


Why is it unlikely that our nation is the Babylon pointed to as being destroyed in one day, i.e. a single hour?

As I said earlier, I think the correlation with Isaiah’s prophecy and the need for punishment upon that demonic region are both significant.  Aside from them, we have description of the Gog-Magog War in Ezekiel 38-39 that gives us another clue.  As I previously pointed out, Ezekiel’s War is another near-term prophecy likely happening not long after the Rapture of the true church.  Ezekiel is quite clear that no one comes to Israel’s aid when she is attacked by the forces of Gog, i.e. Russia, Turkey, Iran, and other willing nations.  The best we’ve got are a few countries saying, “Hey, what’s up with this invasion?” and sitting back to watch.  Under normal circumstances, Israel is supposed to be our ally.  Given the military cooperation we’ve enjoyed between the two countries over the years, one would think America would come to Israel’s assistance.  That’s not the case, and we must ask: Why?

Two major reasons come to mind and they may actually meld into a single explanation.

#1 – America has turned so anti-Israel because of our anti-Semitic leadership that we wouldn’t lift a finger to help because of our hostility toward her and approval of Islamic objectives.

It’s no secret that Israel hatred has been rising.  There has always been the contingent of politicians and celebrities who would be quite happy to see Israel destroyed in the same manner their good friends in Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran have long desired.  Our current political regime has no love lost for Israel.  Under the current administration – with the egging on of pro-Palestinian Congress-people (think “The Squad” among others) – can we truthfully picture America getting involved in a conflict Israel appears sure to lose?

#2 – America is in no position to help because our nation has effectively been destroyed from within.

If we’re honest with ourselves, life in America will never again be “normal” as we’ve known it.  In fact, given our downhill trajectory, there may not be an America much longer.  I’ll expand on this more, but if what many of us see happening before our very eyes is actually the deliberate demise of our nation (which it is), we will be in no position to do anything to support Israel.

Obviously these two reasons coalesce because the same people are responsible for both scenarios.  We’re experiencing a deliberate takedown by the very individuals elected to serve and protect this once great nation.


Here’s the issue we must grapple with: Can America continue to exist in any sort of prominent manner?  The globalists – that satanically inspired group of elites calling the shots of everything wicked that happens in this world – have determined that NOW is the time to make their move to implement their New World Order.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) has actually stated that America won’t be a superpower by 2030, having been cut down to size and insignificant as a global power.

We know what this looks like.  The last 2 1/2 years have brought us COVID and the understanding that a large number of people will do exactly what their government demands, regardless of the harm.

A large measure of that damage has been effected by the faux vaccines that (for those of us who see this because we’re awake) kill and maim.  An extinction protocol has been enacted.

Integral to this elimination procedure is what has been done to our military.  The COVID jabs have proven to cause serious adverse effects, yet what do our leaders insist upon?  They stress that the men and women serving in uniform all take the jab or be run out of the military on a rail.

Adding insult to injury, the leadership in our armed services has decided the most crucial preparation for the troops is to use proper pronouns so that each person is correctly gendered.  If having the most woke military – along with being the most sensitive to others feelings – won wars, we would conquer hands down against every other army in the world.  But, we know they’re all laughing at us as our most powerful enemies actually train to fight and win in any hostile engagements.

Two other major problems that are on display are the open border policies which are causing us to lose our national-structural integrity, and the political schism that has been fueled by charges of racism, etc. for years.

We are close to the point with so many illegal aliens swarming into our country that before long the idea of “America’ will be lost.  If there is no melting pot and no common ideal, America as the grand experiment to propagate individual and national liberty for all is gone.

Adding to this sovereignty disaster is the fact that never again will the American people ever come together in unity.  We are far too bifurcated into left-right concepts.  Given the recent overturning of Roe v Wade, that could be the catalyst for civil war.

We could also talk about the schools and how they’ve created little Marxists.  In this forum we could speak of the apostasy in churches that has separated them so successfully.  I doubt if we’re even at an 20-80 split of Bible-believing churches versus those which choose their own beliefs, let alone a 50-50 divide which might still provide some hope.

Add all these terrible forces together and we come to the conclusion that America cannot be so-called commercial Babylon because this nation will have long since slid down into the status of a nonentity.

No kings mourn and cry for America when Babylon’s destruction occurs in Revelation 18.  Their wails and lamentations will be for another.  Don’t cry for me Argentina, says America, for I am no more, long before Babylon’s final end results.

Finally, what is the implication of this for believers?  Why should we care about far-away Babylon?  The reality is that, because America isn’t that pagan-demonic city in the pages of Scripture, what we’re seeing now in this nation is its demise that will soon result in the pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Our end is near as a most favored nation.  Marxists have taken control at the instigation of global elitists who require America gone from the nationalist scene.  As globalism rises so does anti-Christian fervor.  Those who follow Jesus Christ are a nuisance and a threat.  We must be disposed of.  Thus, persecution will come.  Are you ready?

Yet, at some point when everything seems darkest, light will shine down from heaven upon us who love Jesus, and we’ll be called into the clouds to join our Lord and Savior.  I think we’ll be required to practice the patience of the saints for just a little while longer.  Then our perseverance will pay off in the greatest joy imaginable.

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  1. Reply RobinL

    Gary you said that our unacknowledged blessings have resulted in a debauched lifestyle – one full of iniquities and abominations that indeed have been heaped high to the heavens. That leaps out at me because once you see it, it cannot be unseen.

    Marvel has a new gayer than gay Spiderman coming out in September. It seems his superpower is clothing design. Even gay men are offended, saying why can’t he just be a guy with a boyfriend and not the stereotype of the gayest of gaydom?! You know it’s bad when you are offending the demographic you claim to be representing. If there is anything I’ve learned about Satan’s kingdom is that it has no off switch, no self control and we are seeing this in every way imaginable.

    Just go into a Corcle K or Maverick Store and look at the beverage displays. It is INSANITY! Hundreds of alcoholic and sports beverages, filled with poisons, intended to entice and kill. We could trade examples all day.

    My how our world has changed in less than 3 years, we are in the midst of an explosion of wickedness. I can feel the hand of God holding all things in tension, clearly the Restrainer is still present or we would have already spiraled into the 4 Seal Judgements. Heaven help those who come to Christ when we are gone, surely most will welcome martyrdom to escape the darkness.

    It is easy to be distracted by the cares of this world; the well-informed are suffering greatly right now. This world feels analogous to walking down a dark alley being followed by thugs. But we have our Good Shepherd and His promise of deliverance. Surely the sound of the trumpet is near, one day closer.

    Commercial Babylon will fall, as will the Harlot Babylon. Satan and the Antichrist and False Prophet will all be defeated for eternity. Most importantly, we have a wedding to look forward to!


    • Reply Gary Ritter

      It’s kind of weird being a guy looking forward to the wedding as a Bride, but God says it’s good and I know it’s really the church collectively. Hadn’t heard about the new Spiderman. Sigh. When the comic books initially came out, I think I probably bought the first issue and beyond. Too bad I didn’t have enough sense to keep and collect them. Superpower being clothing design? Really? That’s like someone born-again saying his spiritual gift is annoying people.

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