2 Corinthians 10:4 – Weapons of War

Concern is growing among many – myself included – as to where the actions of our government, which has clearly aligned itself against a certain segment of the population, lead in these times ahead.  The Biden Regime has staked out a position that labels conservatives and Christians as the enemy.  This is not hyperbole on my part.  State actors have defined us as potential Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs).  For them to do so is them projecting their intentions.  The Left almost always says what they plan to do well in advance of their doing it.  We ignore their rhetoric at our peril.

Our nation and the world are being set up.  The ultimate setter-upper, if you will, is Satan.  He and his minions are the power behind the throne, i.e. the spiritual guides who direct their willing accomplices toward their designed end.  Of course, God is actually in control.  He is allowing all these things to occur because His meta-narrative – His grand purpose – is the one that will prevail.  He is shaping it all.  In our humanity, none of us see the spiritual manipulations taking place, however those of us who know God’s Word are aware and not taken by surprise.  Regardless, what we see developing is dire, and we have to acknowledge it and prepare as best we can.

Our weather has become in many places a bludgeon upon the earth.  The natural disasters occurring around the world have increased in intensity.  Physical calamity in this realm includes drought, wildfires, floods, extreme winds, earthquakes, volcanos, and more.  There are some who suspect a number of these events are caused through manmade means.  HARP – the High Altitude Research Project – has been named as the possible reason for the potency of these disasters.  That may very well be.  However, I believe that God’s hand of judgment is behind these events, whether He enables evil people to manipulate climatic catastrophes, or if He alone is causing them.

Some of these woes are causing trickle down effects.  For instance, drought in America’s West is impacting crop production and significantly impairing yield. This will inevitably lead to famine conditions and great societal unrest.

Another disturbing trend is the seeming absence of laborers.  Millions of jobs are going unfilled.  As a result of the plandemic, the government encouraged this through a variety of payments and handouts.  People did the math.  They realized they could stay home, not work, and bring into their households almost as much as if they went everyday to a job.  In the grand scheme of things, who wouldn’t do that?  It was entirely a rational response.

Now that the national and state governments have largely curtailed most of these supplemental payments, one would think those workers would show up seeking employment.  That doesn’t appear to be happening.

On top of this we have the impact of COVID and vaccine deaths.  COVID deaths were greatly exaggerated.  Everything under the sun, from motorcycle deaths to the common flu, were attributed to COVID, so that isn’t necessarily – at least from the beginning of the plandemic until now – a contributor to the issue of worker scarcity.  What is rising in concern is the number of vaccine deaths.  We know for a fact that the CDC reporting database for vaccine injury – VAERS – significantly undercounts adverse effects by anywhere from 1% – 10%.  The current death count of almost 15,000 deaths as of this date (September 18, 2021) could be as high as 1.5 million.

But, there’s another factor.  VAERS essentially records – for those doctors and individuals willing to make the effort to navigate the difficulties of the system to report vaccine incidents – only those deaths that people see as being directly associated with having taken the COVID shots.  We have learned that the genetic manipulation that occurs from these so-called vaccines has intermediate and long-term impacts, as well as those immediate developments that we hear of primarily through social media.  Thus, a stroke or heart attack three months after the shot, or a year, or three years, that results from a victim’s blood microclotting or causing larger clots in the lungs, heart, or brain, are not being attributed – and will not be – to the vaccines.  It’s what’s known as plausible deniability.  All the instigators of this evil have to say is, “Prove it,” and no one necessarily can.  Yet, these vaccines will have been the precipitating factor in death.

It has been better than nine months since the shots began to be administered.  The concern was if in the three to six month period following injection whether deaths would result, and how many.  The question that has been raised lately is if there have been significant numbers of people dying, but nobody is aware because it’s not reported anywhere.  Call me a conspiracy theorist, if you will, but these days conspiracy concepts have become facts.  Could it be that perhaps some number of millions of people have perished in this period through vaccine injury?

To repeat what I mentioned earlier: Jobs are going unfilled.  Why?  As Michael Snyder pointed out recently (http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/where-did-all-the-people-go/), there is an incredible shortage of workers.  Are they all continuing to stay home even after their government benefits have been curtailed?  Or is there another reason?  Have they gone into the grave leading to this dearth of ready employees?

Wickedness and lawlessness are rising incredibly quickly in this world.  The Apostle Paul knew who was the true enemy when he said in 2 Corinthians 10:3:

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh.

The invisible enemy is our real foe.  That being the case, how do we combat what he intends to accomplish?

Paul continued on in this passage in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 to specifically tell us:

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,

The battle in which we find ourselves is not ours alone.  That’s a good thing, because in our flesh we could not hope to overcome the spiritual forces of darkness.  The secular world – and seemingly even many in the church today – believe that our human efforts will bring victory.  Prophetically, that’s not what Scripture says.  It tells us that everything continues to go downhill until the world reaches the point of entering the Tribulation, then it gets even worse.  Before then, those of us who have a true relationship with Jesus Christ will be removed from the earth.  In the meantime, we must realize who we are in Christ.  It is through Him that we can resist the power of the enemy and even attack his strongholds.  However, too many Christians take the I – I – I approach.  I can do this because I’m in Christ.  I strike down the enemy.  I command that Satan falls.

If you consider the language many believers use, perhaps you’ll see the problem.  The effort in rejecting Satan’s advances or even attacking his fortresses is on the Christian.  It is his work that accomplishes the desired outcome.  I believe this is incorrect.  We have power and authority in Christ Jesus because of who He is.  Despite that, who is really doing against the enemy what needs to be done?  Jesus, of course.  Might it then be a better approach for us to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit asking the Lord to accomplish these things?  We are victorious in Christ, but it is He who is the victor.  Should we not ask Him to engage in this battle for us?  We have to take the step of faith in believing that He will do what we ask.  Shouldn’t we then trust that He will respond in His way?  Shouldn’t we then move aside to allow Him room to work?

I know what I’ve stated is contrary to how many have been taught to engage in spiritual warfare.  Again, much of what we see and hear through songs and language puts the onus on us.  I think that once we’ve asked God for these things that the responsibility is His.  Yes, we have to step out in faith, but it is the hand of Jesus reaching to us that keeps us from sinking.

Where does this all lead?  It takes us to a place we’ve never before been.  It means we may actually have to truly trust God like we never have before.  Perhaps, though, that’s a good thing.  It may be that through the increase of faith we exhibit by relying on Him more that He will do amazing things over and above what we expect.

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  1. Reply Amy Swift

    Victory in Jesus
    My Savior forever
    He sought me and
    Bought me with His redeeming blood.
    I believe this is how the song goes.

  2. Reply Jim Eastman

    Just received an email from Senator Peters on homeland security to which he is heading an investigation to Domestic Terrorism. I asked him what he was doing about the invasion of illegal immigrants on our southern border. We will see if he responds.

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