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Daniel 4:25 – Till You Know

The greatest pagan king in the history of the world became a believer in the Most High God after He taught him many lessons of who He is and humbled this man in an amazing way.

2 Peter 2:14 – Insatiable for Sin

God spares no condemnation against false prophets.  The entire chapter of 2 Peter 2 details His intense passion concerning these men from times past to today who lead people astray. 

Ezekiel 28:19 – A Dreadful End

The prophecies that Ezekiel brings against the city-state of Tyre are among the most extensive of any that God decrees. Their focus is actually upon Satan.

Isaiah 43:20 – My Chosen People

When did Israel become God’s Chosen People?  How did that come about? Before Israel was a nation, God dealt directly with all peoples of the world.  From the time of Adam and Eve’s banishing from the Garden of Eden, the Lord was known by men and present in his affairs.  From the point at which…

Isaiah 40:18 – To Whom Will You Liken God?

A full page ad in our complimentary copy of The Epoch Times caught my eye.  The top half displayed the name Shen Yun and a beautiful Chinese dancer in mid-leap.  The text below the fold said: “China Before Communism.”  It went on to mysteriously say: China was once called “Land of the Divine.”  There was…

Ephesians 2:2 – The Sons of Disobedience

The extent to which dark spiritual forces influence the world isn’t well understood.  Most Christians acknowledge that the enemy, Satan, our adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).  Because the Bible places so much emphasis on Satan – which is certainly not unjustified – few people…

Ephesians 1:9 – The Mystery of His Will

In Scripture, we’re told that there are multiple mysteries of God.  The classic definition of a Biblical mystery is that it’s something which is concealed in the Old Testament and revealed in the New.  One of the most amazing mysteries to which we’re introduced in the Bible is the joining of Jews and Gentiles into…

1 Corinthians 15:24 – Then Comes the End

Can you imagine life without death?  Such a day is coming.  Because Christ lived, died, and rose again, the end of death is a reality otherwise impossible.  It’s been rightly said that the entirety of the Christian faith rests on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He is an historical figure.  He was a man wise…